Assistance systems. For forklift trucks.
ELOKON's assistance systems ensure the safer and more efficient operation of your internal forklift fleet.

Our products incorporate the latest sensor technology used in the automotive industry to enhance the safety of your workforce and your entire operation whilst maximising the efficiency of your internal forklift fleet. Our product portfolio consists mainly of proximity warning systems, mobile personnel protection devices, fleet management systems, stationary warning devices and radar based systems for speed reduction. We also offer technical health and safety consultancy services to plant manufacturers in areas related to machine safety.

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Machinery and Plant Safety Consulting

In the machinery safety sector, ELOKON engineers offer a range of services to machinery and plant engineers to guarantee the optimum safety, functionality and quality of complex technical machinery systems.


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Are you looking for a management system for your forklift fleet?
Then download our current e-book here.

In our e-book "Selecting the Correct Forklift Telematics Solution: A Guide for Safety, Efficiency, and Productivity", we describe in just under 20 pages which functions are state of the art, which mistakes to avoid, how to create a cost/benefit calculation for your project and how to successfully integrate your forklift drivers.

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ELOfleet data is now hosted on Microsoft Azure with data centers in the USA and EU.