ELOfleet - Fleet Management: Increased productivity for mixed forklift truck fleets

Cloud-based forklift fleet management system

Access, checklists, impacts, productivity – all with a smartphone

ELOfleet Smart is the world’s most app-centric fleet management system for material handling equipment. It integrates smartphone capabilities into lift trucks to streamline access control, safety checklists, impact monitoring and fleet performance data. For a simple, innovative, cost-effective fleet management solution.
The ELOfleet Smart app doesn’t just reformat desktop software, like some competitors’ apps do. It uses the power of smartphones and tablets for system configuration, on-vehicle controls, sensor inputs and network communications.
The system is OEM-neutral; it can be installed on any type, brand or age of industrial truck.

How our cloud-based fleet management system ELOfleet works

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The benefits of ELOfleet Smart are clear

  • Cost-effective app-based lift truck management
  • Access control via smartphone (using existing ID cards)—to prevent unauthorized use of equipment
  • Customizable safety checklists—set up and completed via smartphone
  • Reliable impact monitoring—using the latest MEMS sensor technology
  • Bluetooth® vehicle sensor integration—for fast, easy installation
  • Uniform data across mixed-brand fleets—for more accurate utilization analysis
  • KPI dashboards—with drill-down reporting details
  • IT flexibility cloud-based solution with onsite option
  • Compatible with all major lift truck makes and models

Want to learn more about ELOfleet Smart?

We’d be glad to give you additional information about the world’s most app-centric forklift fleet management system.

Access control via Smartphone

Vehicle access control

ELOfleet ensures that only trained, authorized drivers can use your lift trucks. Drivers have to log into a smartphone on the truck, using their company RFID card. For organizations with data privacy concerns, anonymous PIN-based login is also an option. The system provides three authorization levels: normal drivers, managers and maintenance personnel.

Electronic safety checklists

To meet legal requirements (like OSHA regulations), ELOfleet requires a safety check before a driver can use a lift truck. You can customize your checklist questions and multiple-choice answers—using the ELOfleet app. And drivers complete their checklists through the app, too! They answer these series of questions to confirm the truck is safe to operate.

Web-based software

Intuitive and always at hand

ELOfleet’s individually configurable dashboard provides a clear, organized view of key fleet metrics. Data is refreshed in near real time and can be summarized in daily, weekly and monthly roll-ups.

Multi-site analysis

ELOfleet includes 10 standard reports, which provide drill-down details across any number of facilities. Comparing site data enables you to identify best practices in safety to reduce accidents and damage costs; optimize fleet size for capital cost savings; and identify opportunities to improve material handling productivity.

Impact Management - avoid unnecessary costs

Better safe than sorry

Forklift impacts can cause costly damage to a facility and goods, as well as the forklifts themselves. Not to mention the cost of lost productivity. To promote safer driving habits, manage incidents more effectively, and cut the frequency and cost of forklift accidents, ELOfleet records impacts with a state-of-the-art MEMS sensor and categorizes them by severity. The system can react automatically in a variety of configurable ways, based on the severity of the impact. For instance, the system can slow the vehicle down to creep speed.

Tailored to your needs: ELOfleet available in two variants


ELOfleet Sprint

ELOfleet Smart

OEM agnostic

Can be retrofitted

Display as Front End Terminal


Access control using RFID factory ID

PIN based access control


Three authorisation profiles (driver, workshop technician, area manager)

Pre-operational checklist


Configurable safety message


Recording and evaluation of vehicle operating hours

Pre-emptive, benefit-based maintenance reporting/planning

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Crash/impact damage recording

Impact checklist


Categorisation of impacts as "minor", "moderate", "severe"

Event trigger following impact

In the event of an impact, the area manager is alerted via radio

Automatic blocking of a vehicle when maintenance is due

All data stored anonymously/with no driver assignment

Presence detection

Load on fork recognition (optional)

TYCO Interface

VDI interface

Wifi data transmission

Using your RFID company ID card

Product Brochure

ELOfleet Flyer (pdf)

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