ELOfleet - Fleet Management: Increased productivity for mixed forklift truck fleets

Smartphone based fleet management system

for access control, impact recording and productivity evaluation   

ELOfleet is ELOKON’s innovative fleet management system for mixed forklift fleets. Key features include access control, the recording of damage and impacts and the evaluation of vehicle and fleet performance data.

ELOfleet enables you to easily and cost effectively enhance operational safety when working with forklift trucks and it efficiently improves the productivity of your fleet. The system is OEM agnostic and can be installed on forklifts of any type, any age and any drive type.     

The benefits of ELOfleet – they’re clear cut

  • Safe and efficient management of your forklifts
  • Reliable access control
  • Customised forklift management
  • Enhanced fleet productivity
  • Compatible with all types of forklifts
  • Prevents unauthorised use
  • Monitoring of service and inspection schedules
  • Exact driver / vehicle assignment
  • Recording of actual operating hours
  • Transparency of operating times
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Energy saving through switch-off when idle
  • Identification of those involved in impacts
  • Collection of customer-specific data

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Smartphone app

Vehicle access control

For authorised personnel only: ELOfleet ensures that forklifts can only be operated by authorised personnel, who log in to the smartphone via RFID using their company ID.

PIN based access control is also an option, as is anonymous operation, without the assignment of drivers to vehicles. Three levels of authorisation can be configured: driver, operations/area manager, workshop personnel.

Electronic checklists

Compliance with obligatory checks: before your personnel can operate a truck, ELOfleet will prompt them to comply with statutory obligatory checks. You can configure these electronic checklists to accord with your own operational requirements. Freely defined questions and multiple choice answers – you can choose what suits.  

Impact management

Better safe than sorry: impacts can have an adverse effect on a vehicle’s condition. To keep consequences to a minimum, ELOfleet records accidents involving trucks by means of an MEMS sensor and categorises them according to severity. Subsequent actions can be triggered depending on severity and are adjustable, for example the activation of creep speed, the lockout of the vehicle or the requirement to complete a checklist.    

Configuration on the forklift

Intelligent electronics on the vehicle

State of the art electronics are incorporated into the vehicle. These contain impact, motion and seat sensors as well as a creep relay.

Optimised for mixed fleets

ELOfleet is designed for mixed fleets and has standard interfaces for almost every forklift on the market. We offer full flexibility: installation ex works is straightforward, as is retrofitting on an existing fleet.

Web based software

Intuitive and always to hand

Clearly structured data processing: the individually configurable dashboard allows a clear overview of all key fleet data, which can be summarised in daily, weekly or monthly evaluations.

Analysis across multiple sites

10 standard reports are included in the package, to allow flexible analysis according to your individual requirements, also across multiple locations. Identify potential savings within your fleet operation, optimise the deployment of vehicles and improve your productivity.

Everything at a glance - with the intuitive ELOfleet dashboard

Ensuring the best possible utilisation of forklift fleets, cost optimisation and safe operation is what our customers look for in a fleet management system, and ELOfleet offers all this and more due to comprehensive data recording and KPI benchmarking.

Lars Burmeister Product Owner ELOfleet | ELOKON Group

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