June 15th, 2023: Fernride raises $ 31 million

Fernride raises $ 31 million
ELOKON Ventures invests in Munich-based startup

June 15, 2023 - Congratulations to Henrik Kramer and the Fernride team on their $31 million Series A financing round! ELOKON Ventures is excited to announce that we are part of the ride!

Fernride’s innovative technology holds tremendous potential to reshape the landscape of forklift operations, by enabling forklift drivers to operate trucks remotely, right from the comfort of an office desk. Imagine a scenario where a forklift driver can control multiple trucks simultaneously, remotely navigating through a warehouse or distribution center with precision and ease. The Fernride technology has the potential to transform the way materials are handled, boosting efficiency, and revolutionizing logistics processes.

Our investment in Fernride is a testament to our commitment to driving technological innovation and promoting safer and more efficient production and warehouse environments.

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur with a game-changing idea in the material handling sector? Then please reach out to maria-johanna.schaecher@elokon.com and learn how we can support in accelerating your growth trajectory and enhancing your market reach.

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