Automated driver-assistance technology
For material handling safety

ELOKON’s lift truck driver-assistance systems ensure safer, more efficient operation of your material handling fleet. Our products use the latest sensor technology from the automotive industry to maximize the speed and safety of your material handling operations. Our automated forklift safety solutions include: proximity detection/anti-collision systems; pedestrian safety devices; fixed-position warning systems for high-traffic areas; radar-based speed control devices; and integrated fleet management systems. We also offer technical consulting services on machinery and facility safety.

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Automatic Personnel Protection and Forklift Driver Safety Systems

Our safety solutions for material handling include: mobile personnel safety in Very Narrow Aisles (ELOprotect), forklift fleet management (ELOfleet), pedestrian detection/collision-avoidance (ELOshield), and automatic forklift speed control (ELOspeed).

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Award-winning assistance systems for forklift trucks

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Michał Makaruk - Chairman of the Management Board of ELOKON Polska Sp.z o.o.

Global safety technology leader appoints Michał Makaruk as CEO of Polska Sp. z o.o. subsidiary.

Driver-assistance system for pedestrian-forklift safety wins GOLD.