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Material handling safety solutions

Proximity detection and fully automatic systems to improve lift truck-pedestrian safety

Despite efforts to make material handling safer, lift truck accidents still cause too many injuries - and fatalities. Forklift accidents also result in costly damage - to goods and facilities as well as to the trucks themselves. And forklift accidents mean equipment downtime, too, which decreases material handling productivity. At ELOKON, we develop and deploy systems that improve lift truck safety. For everyone who works on and around your material handling equipment. And by making your lift trucks safer, we also improve their efficiency and productivity.

ELOKON‘s safety and assistance systems – an overview

More solutions to improve safety in material handling

Benefits of ELOKON material handling safety solutions include:

Avoiding forklift-pedestrian accidents in very narrow aisles (VNA)

Instead of expensive facility infrastructure or cumbersome aisle access controls, our ELOprotect system uses innovative, automated technology—including state-of-the-art laser scanners—to protect personnel in the narrow confines of VNA warehouses.

Avoiding lift truck accidents with active wireless object detection

Our intelligent, radio-based ELOshield driver-assistance system helps prevent vehicle accidents. For every scenario: vehicle-to-pedestrian, vehicle-to-object, and vehicle-to-vehicle. If a vehicle gets too close to a person or object, it automatically slows down and signals a warning to the driver.

Increasing safety awareness and accountability for lift truck operators

Our app-based ELOfleet forklift fleet management system provides access control to ensure only trained, authorized drivers can use equipment. App-managed safety checklists alert maintenance to any equipment problems. And advanced-technology MEMS shock sensors record and report excessive forklift impacts.

Improving material handling productivity with automatic speed control

Our radar-based ELOspeed driver-assistance system regulates the speed of material handling equipment based on location—indoors or out. It allows vehicles to work at top speed outdoors, but slows them down as they come inside, to ensure safe indoor operation. And it’s all automatic.

Reducing risk of accident liability and meeting insurance requirements

Some governments mandate safety measures for industrial trucks, especially where they work closely with pedestrians, as in VNA warehouses. Some companies also have liability insurance requirements relating to industrial trucks. Our automated safety solutions make it easy to comply with such regulations and minimize the risk of accidents, particularly in VNA environments.

Improving the productivity of mixed fleets through uniform data analysis

With our app-based ELOfleet forklift management system, you can record consistent data points across all vehicle types and brands. This uniform analysis enables a meaningful comparison of individual vehicles and work groups to identify specific targets for improved productivity.

Reducing lift truck accidents in high-traffic areas

Using the latest RFID technology, our systems improve forklift safety at aisle intersections in manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers. Our technology pre-emptively alerts pedestrians and forklift drivers to approaching vehicles, and automatically slows vehicles down to reduce the risk of collisions.

Award-winning solutions

Advice, Installation and Commissioning

At ELOKON, we pride ourselves on providing expert advice to meet each customer’s unique requirements. We are happy to pay you a visit, listen to your concerns, and understand your needs. When you deploy an ELOKON system, we oversee the entire project—from planning and configuration to installation and launch. And we work closely with your industrial vehicle OEMs to ensure smooth system integration on your trucks. (We’ve worked successfully with virtually every major forklift OEM.) So, with ELOKON, you get a turnkey lift truck safety solution.

We will also train your maintenance and operations teams to meet the system standards we define together. Training can take place before, during or after system commissioning. We can also provide follow-up training as needed (for example when new employees join your company). And we offer a complete after-sales service program, including repairs, spare parts, support and evaluation, so your investment retains its value.

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