Assistance and Safety Systems for Forklift Trucks: More Productivity in Warehouses

Intralogistics solutions: safety and assistance systems

For improved material handling safety with forklift trucks

Despite efforts to make material handling procedures safer, accidents involving forklift trucks are still a cause of too many injuries and even fatalities to personnel. Incidents with trucks and their improper use can also lead to costly repairs and equipment downtime, resulting in lower productivity. At ELOKON, we develop and supply systems that improve safety for your employees who work on or around forklifts and other material handling equipment (MHE). And by making your material handling operations safer, we also improve the productivity of your forklift fleet.

ELOKON‘s safety and assistance systems – an overview

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The benefits of ELOKON's safety solutions include:

Avoiding accidents between trucks and pedestrians in narrow aisles

Instead of expensive structural measures or cumbersome aisle access controls, we use innovative, automated technology - such as the laser scanners in our ELOprotect system - to protect personnel in dangerous areas within narrow aisle warehouses.

Increasing safety awareness and responsibility for forklift operators

Our material handling fleet management systems, such as ELOfleet, use access control measures to ensure that only authorised drivers and those with valid licences can use designated equipment. Shock sensors also ensure that excessively rough use of forklift trucks is recorded and reported.

Improving the productivity of mixed fleets through uniform data analysis

With a forklift fleet management system such as ELOfleet, you can monitor up to four operating signals from all vehicles - no matter what type or brand - and analyse a uniform set of data. The productivity of individual vehicles or groups of vehicles can therefore be quickly and efficiently compared, revealing targets for productivity improvement.

Improving material handling productivity with automatic speed control

Our radar-based ELOspeed driver-assistance system regulates the speeds of material handling equipment according to its location - indoors or outdoors. It allows vehicles to work at top speed when outdoors, but slows them down as they come inside, to ensure safe, low travelling speeds for all indoor operation. And all this is done automatically!

Avoiding forklift truck accidents with active wireless object detection

Our radio-based driver-assistance systems, such as ELOshield, help prevent accidents between forklifts and pedestrians as well as collisions between forklifts. If a forklift gets too close to a person or object, it automatically slows down and signals a warning.

Reducing material handling accidents at busy intersections

Using the latest RFID technology, our systems improve safety at busy factory and warehouse interscetions. By pre-emptively alerting pedestrians and drivers to approaching vehicles - and, at the same time, automatically slowing the vehicles down to walking speed - the risk of a collision in risky high-traffic areas can be significantly reduced.

Fulfilling liability and insurance requirements

Some governments mandate safety measures where industrial trucks and pedestrians work in close proximity, such as in narrow-aisle warehouses (e.g. regulation DIN 15185-2 on industrial truck safety). In some cases, companies also have liability insurance requirements (e.g. regulation BGV D27 for industrial trucks). Our safety solutions make it easy to comply with the latest regulations and minimise the risk of accidents, particularly in narrow-aisle environments.

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Advice, Installation and Commissioning

At ELOKON, we place high importance on providing expert advice that meets each and every customer’s individual requirements. To achieve this, we are happy to visit you and analyse your needs. We oversee the complete project implementation - from initial consultation to system configuration, installation and commissioning - so you can source a complete solution from one single supplier. We will liaise with your industrial vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) on your behalf. Most of these have close working relationships with us, ensuring that our systems integrate smoothly with all your equipment types.

We will train your service and operating personnel to meet the standards we define together. Training can take place before, during or after commissioning. We can also provide follow-up training as needed (for example when new employees join the company). We can also provide you with a complete after-sales service programme, including repairs, spare parts, support and evaluation, so your investment retains its value.

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