LEAD with Safety – ELOKON’s Strategy

LEAD with Safety
ELOKON’s foundation for success

ELOKON is implementing a clear, long-term strategy called LEAD with Safety, based on our corporate vision, mission and values.

To ensure sustainable growth, the four cornerstones of our LEAD strategy are:

  • Lifting product development
    To expand our portfolio of safety solutions.

  • Enhancing growth
    By tapping into new markets and applications.

  • Accelerating digitization
    To leverage the power of digital technology.

  • Driving agility
    To stay at the leading edge of innovation.

Lifting product development

Our goal is to be the leading OEM-independent supplier of automated safety and assistance systems for material handling equipment. We are committed to consistent development of innovative solutions for lift truck safety. When creating new products, we look outside our industry to incorporate the latest safety technologies. Especially in the emerging areas of digitization and autonomous driving. And we pride ourselves on proactively managing our product portfolio—investing in R&D initiatives with both in-house expertise and select external partners, like Electronic Manufacturing Services specialists. This approach enables us to further expand our portfolio of safety solutions.

Enhancing growth

We are focusing on growth markets beyond Europe—particularly the United States. With extensive international experience, our skilled account managers will help you choose the right solution for your safety needs. Our wide range of products and services will give you a comprehensive solution from a single source. And our growing support staff will provide you with direct, local access to the most skillful, professional service. We can even partner with you to create new solutions to meet your individual requirements. All this accelerates our ability to tap into new markets and applications.

Accelerating digitization

Digitization lets us provide customers with an integrated experience across all digital and analog channels. Our solutions apply digital technology to every component: hardware, software, sensors and wireless. We also leverage digital technology and media in our customer communications. And we are investing in digitizing our own business systems to serve our customers more quickly and efficiently. Our priority is to leverage the power of digital technology.

ELOKON's Strategie - LEAD with Safety

Driving agility

Our mission is to be nimble, flexible and fast-paced. So we can react quickly to the demands of our dynamic markets and unique customer needs. To respond rapidly to change, we rely on open interactions with customers, efficient internal networking between small autonomous teams, a flat decision-making hierarchy, and a passionate focus on customer priorities.

We also invest in strategic personnel management to support the professional development of our employees, increase staff interconnectivity, and streamline our idea-to-market cycle. And we’re always on the lookout for new talent.

Our commitment to agile processes across our organization enables us to stay at the leading edge of innovation.