LogiMAT: Smart Cloud Solutions

LogiMAT 2022: ELOKON presents smart cloud based solutions
for enhanced safety and efficiency in the warehouse

ELOKON GmbH is exhibiting a number of new products at LogiMAT 2022 on Stand F09 in Hall 10, one of which will be ELOcate. ELOcate is based on UWB radio technology which is also used in the company’s ELOshield proximity detection system, and enables extremely precise indoor positioning.

Real-time location tracking, optimised route utilisation, automated notifications when entering a safety zone and a live display at elofleet.com are just some of the benefits of ELOcate. The driver assistance system ELOshield also features additional new functions and modules such as data analysis as well as an AGV module which safeguards AGVs when they are operating alongside forklift trucks.

The cloud-based fleet management system ELOfleet will also be on show and this has been expanded to include central document and battery management functionalities. The elofleet.com platform enables customers to optimise the performance of their forklift fleet. ELOKON is also hosting the Munich-based start-up Filics on its stand, in which ELOKON Ventures GmbH invested in 2021.

"Due to the ongoing automation in warehousing and in manufacturing, there is an ever increasing level of interaction between humans and equipment. When it comes to the potential conflicting interplay between better occupational safety and higher productivity, our smart systems are ideal as they provide a solution for both."

Andreas Folz Head of Sales ELOKON GmbH

ELOcate - a new addition to the product range

ELOKON is particularly excited to be launching its new localisation system ELOcate, which enables real-time location of all people, forklifts and AGVs in the warehouse. Should any irregular or risky scenarios occur, ELOcate is able to automatically trigger an alarm. "Thanks to our web-based application, route planning can be optimised, work processes can be made safer and accidents can be prevented," explains Folz. ELOKON will also be showing its ELOshield radio warning system, which controls vehicle speed and monitors and safeguards blind spots. More and more applications have now opened up for this flexible and smart solution thanks to variouus innovations such as data analyses in the cloud, a module for safeguarding AGVs and AMRs, and a traffic light system for pedestrian protection at crossing points.

Optimise the perfomance of your forklift fleet

A further exhibit will be the cloud-based fleet management system ELOfleet, and this has been expanded to include central document and battery management functionalities. The system enables access control,  impact recording and performance data evaluation, which measures and optimises the performance of forklift fleets and other industrial vehicles. "Our products help to minimise risks in the warehouse and in production areas whilst at the same time ensuring more efficient processes," said Folz.

ELOKON is hosting the robotic start-up Filics

You will also be able to get to know the team from robotics start-up Filics on our stand, who are looking forward to telling you all about their innovative pallet transport system. ELOKON Ventures GmbH participated in the seed round of the start-up and is very pleased to be able to support this highly motivated company as it continues its development.

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