ELOprotect ACS - VNA Anti Collision System

ELOprotect ACS – driving down the risks
with multiple trucks in a narrow aisle

ELOprotect Anti Collision System (ACS) is a safety system which autonomously protects vehicles from colliding with each other. When a pre-defined minimum distance is breached, ELOprotect ACS prevents a collision by intervening to automatically slow down the trucks.

Laser technology for all-round safety

This safety system uses intelligent technology to enable two forklifts to operate simultaneously in one narrow aisle. Each truck is fitted with two lasers, and unlike ELOprotect they are also equipped with an additional evaluation unit that constantly scans the immediate surroundings.

If objects are detected in the protection zones, ELOprotect ACS automatically reduces the vehicles’ speed, or brings them to a standstill if necessary. Drivers also receive visual and acoustic warnings.

Flexible retrofits, whatever brand you use

All ELOKON systems work on almost all forklift trucks, regardless of the manufacturer or drive type. Our ability to retrofit existing fleets also allows us to customize our products to your individual requirements.

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ELOprotect ensures VNA lift truck safety.
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Retrofitting ELOprotect.
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The benefits of ELOprotect ACS: are obvious:

  • Collision protection for forklift trucks
  • Compliance with statutory requirements = type-tested
  • Includes personal protection up to 7 metres
  • Maximum safety for personnel and vehicles
  • Improved occupational safety in the warehouse
  • Intelligent technology for automated safety
  • More throughput in narrow aisles
  • Can be used internationally
  • Double protection for your workforce, machines, and company infrastructure

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ELOprotect ACS – how it works

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If two trucks are simultaneously in the same narrow aisle, a standard personnel protection system with a 7 meter (22ft) range is not sufficient to offer effective truck-on-truck collision prevention. Due to the relative speeds of the two vehicles to each other, much wider protection zones are required. If multiple trucks are travelling in the one aisle, an additional safety device with Performance Level D is mandatory according to the DIN 15185-2 standard that applies in Germany.

ELOprotect ACS provides this protection by using intelligent laser technology. Two specially developed scanners, which constantly monitor the immediate surroundings, extend the system’s range to 15 meters (50 feet). The anti-collision fields are always active in the most recent direction of travel once the truck enters the aisle. This also applies when the vehicle comes to a standstill.

If a second vehicle enters the extended collision protection zone of 15 meters (50 feet), ELOprotect ACS automatically reduces the speed of the truck to creep speed. When entering the personal protection zone of 7 meters (22 feet), the vehicle is brought to a standstill. Drivers also receive visual and acoustic warnings.

Once the danger has been averted in the collision protection zone, the alarm is automatically reset. In the personnel protection zone, the driver can switch off the alarm and continue working as soon as the person leaves the zone. In this way, accidents between two trucks in a narrow aisle as well as with pedestrians can be virtually ruled out.

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Want to learn more about ELOprotect ACS?

We’d be glad to give you additional information about our award-winning mobile personnel protection system for VNA lift trucks.

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