Industrial automation

Industrial automation
Smart control systems and industry 4.0

For over 20 years, ELOKON’s specialists have been engineering, programming and commissioning the latest control and visualization systems – for machinery and technological processes.

Industry 4.0 focuses on the networking of machinery and the personalization of equipment, allowing for better quality products tailored to customers’ expectations. In order to provide flexibility, we create advanced systems supporting informatization in the production process. We use mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) and we put great score on ensuring that machines are integrated with a computer network.

How it works
Identify the hazards and apply relevant risk reduction measures with ELOKON

Be smart – implement individual designs and automate production.

We provide complete solutions for industrial automation (concept, engineering, implementation of a new control system). We prepare applications for leading companies involved in the automotive, rubber, wood and food industries.

Use ELOKON’s knowledge and experience:

  • 1. Problem diagnosis and technical consultations in your company.
  • 2. Engineering of control systems for individual machines and process lines, using specialized supporting programs: EPLAN P8, AutoDesk Inventor, FluidDraw.
  • 3. Prefabrication of control cubicles as per European standards, in accordance with our designs or those delivered by you.
  • 4. Programming of PLCs of leading manufacturers: Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi.
  • 5. Preparation of visualization (HMI/SCADA panels).
  • 6. Parametrization of servo drives, soft starters and low voltage inverters.
  • 7. Implementation and detailed validation of the application.
  • 8. Preparation of technical documentation in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

The benefits of ELOKON are obvious:

  • Lower investment costs: engineering and implementation of dedicated solutions
  • Guarantee of safety: safe and easy operation of the systems
  • Legal proficiency: compliance with applicable directives and European standards
  • Reliability and ethics: Quality Management System confirmed with ISO 9001 certificate

Need more information on process automation?

We will be pleased to provide you with further information on how ELOKON ensures safety.

Industrial automation at a glance

Engineering of control systems

Schematic diagrams and flow charts of plants

Optimize your work and reduce costs thanks to smart control systems.

C&I cabinets

Prefabrication and delivery of C&I cabinets

Order our reliable control cubicles and low-voltage switching stations

PLC programming

Automation and acceleration of production

Verification that the software of PLCs is adequate for your needs.


Intuitive operation and full control of processes

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by HMI/SCADA applications.

Production start-up

Comprehensive service: from design to implementation

Get professional support when starting new production processes.

Marka ELOKON to gwarancja sukcesu we wszystkich aspektach dotyczących bezpieczeństwa maszyn. Współpraca z ELOKON zapewnia wysoką jakość usług, rzetelność i profesjonalizm.

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More Information

Need more information on process automation?

We will be pleased to provide you with further information on how ELOKON ensures safety.

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