Federal-Mogul chooses ELOprotect from ELOKON

Safe driving with ELOprotect PSS
Federal-Mogul equips Crown truck fleet with ELOKON’s personnel protection system

Belgian based Federal-Mogul EMEA Distribution Services BVBA is part of Federal-Mogul LLC, a global supplier of quality products and trusted brands to manufacturers of automotive, light commercial, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles, as well as in power generation, aerospace, marine, rail and industrial.

The company prides itself on its stringent adherence to safety standards at its warehouse in Willebroek, but it decided to add a further layer of residual risk containment measures on site for its fleet of Crown TSP VNA turret trucks and Crown SP high-level order pickers. The ELOprotect PSS self-actuating laser scanner system from ELOKON was commissioned by Crown as the most suitable safety system for this combination of free roaming and narrow aisle trucks and the systems were retrofitted by ELOKON technicians.

The Project at a glance

Legal requirement

to install VNA safety systems in some countries


forklift fleet

Optimal pedestrian protection

in very narrow aisles


of forklift providers

The Background
Personnel protection system for more safety in the warehouse

The small footprint and high bay storage in narrow aisle warehouses enable optimum use of available space, but safety distances are therefore reduced and speed and lift capabilities of the trucks are increased. If they are closer than 0,5 metres to the racking, this could pose a danger to pedestrians who are within the narrow aisle at the same time.

The trucks are deployed to fill the storage bays with pallets of parts for despatch in an area situated at the opposite end of the warehouse to the goods out section. Efficient movement of goods and adherence to optimum supply chain procedure is there vital, whilst ensuring safe operating speeds of all material handling equipment on site.

The Solution
Pedestrian safety system for VNA trucks

To protect both personnel and machine, it is a legal requirement in some countries to use a personal protection system (PPS) such as ELOprotect. But even when this is not the case, safety can be substantially enhanced by installing these systems as they reduce the potential for human error which can lead to accidents.

If a truck drives into an aisle, ELOprotect PSS is automatically activated and monitors the danger area in the current direction of travel whilst the vehicle is moving. When the vehicle is stationary, ELOprotect PSS monitors both directions of travel in order to prevent a pedestrian from approaching unnoticed. If a pedestrian is detected in the aisle, ELOprotect PSS first automatically brakes the speed of the truck and if the person continues to approach it brings it to a stop.

Individually adapted modules

The module KR (creep mode with a covered scanner on the load side) automatically activates creep speed of just 2.5 km/h when the forks or cab are only just above ground level and the scanners are blocked when travelling.

The module Comfort Activation/Deactivation (KAD) enables automatic activation or deactivation of the fields at the end of an aisle. KAD deactivates the protective function 7 metres before the aisle exit compared to the normal safety field of 15 metres. Switching off the protective fields is necessary as the PSS would otherwise detect anything in Federal-Mogul’s extra wide transfer aisle as a danger when the truck nears the end of an aisle - so KAD avoids unnecessary intervention for optimum handling performance. This function scans the entire remaining 7m aisle before switching off the protective fields, ensuring that no pedestrian was present there.

Full flexibility - for more safety in the warehouse

Crown also added extra functions which work in combination with the ELOprotect PSS: the End -Of Aisle -Control (EAC) automatically reduces speed at the end of an aisle and is simultaneously activated alongside KAD. The STOP function ensures that trucks stop automatically at the end of an aisle, with the fields having been deactivated by the KAD add-on.

The Challenge
Mixed fleet harmonised

Crown Equipment Corporation

The Federal-Mogul warehouse uses different forklift models: the fleet consists of Crown TSP narrow-aisle trucks and Crown SP order pickers. Both were equipped with safety systems from ELOKON GmbH.

ELOprotect PSS and its additional functions are perfectly matched to support drivers in their daily operations at Federal-Mogul, guaranteeing the highest levels of protection. On-site training of service engineers following installation enables prompt and flexible servicing whenever it is required.

About Federal Mogul

Federal Mogul is particularly known as an automotive supplier. Several locations around the world make Federal Mogul a globally active company. In 2018, it was acquired by Tenneco.

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