National Forklift Safety Day

Supporting the National Forklift Safety Day
in the USA and the UK

The National Forklift Safety Day in the USA is now in its sixth year, and this initiative has made a significant contribution to raising awareness of the potential dangers of forklift operation, particularly when these are working in proximity to other personnel or pedestrians. This event will be marked for the first time in the UK in 2019, spearheaded by BITA (the British Industrial Truck Association) and backed by bodies including the UKWA, the FLTA and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as well as media partners such as SHD Logistics.

ELOKON supports the National Forklift Safety Day 2019

Here at ELOKON we wholeheartedly support any campaign which focusses on the safer operation of industrial vehicles and the importance of proper operator training. As well as the grave personal cost to those who suffer injuries, accidents at work also have a very negative effect on the economy. So we are doing our bit - not just on 11 June, but every day - to help make the warehouse environment a safer place with our range of automated safety and assistance systems.

Our top 3 offers to increase safety

  • ELOprotect – guaranteed safety in narrow aisles
  • ELOshield - mobile driver assistance system for warehouses and industrial workplaces
  • Experts in safety - individual consulting services

And to back this year’s initiative we have put together a comprehensive checklist in five sections that we will be making available to download. This covers all key aspects, starting with overall warehouse safety  through to forklift-specific safety to help make your warehouse or plant a safer workplace.

The first part "Overall Warehouse Safety" is available for download.

Download the first part "Overall Warehouse Safety" of the checklist here

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