Fernride wins "Best Startup of the Year" Award

Fernride is being named "Best Startup of the Year"
ELOKON Ventures invests in Munich-based startup

Congratulations to Fernride on being named "Best Startup of the Year" by McKinsey & Company at the Automobilwoche conference in Berlin. As an investor in Fernride, ELOKON Ventures is very proud of their groundbreaking achievements and innovative contributions to the automotive sector. This award is a testament to your hard work and dedication, and we look forward to your continued success. Way to go!


Investing in Fernride underscores ELOKON Ventures' dedication to advancing technological innovation and enhancing safety and efficiency in production and warehouse environments.

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur with a game-changing idea in the material handling sector? Then please reach out to maria-johanna.schaecher@elokon.com and learn how we can support in accelerating your growth trajectory and enhancing your market reach.

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