An ambitious service technician

An ambitious service technician
Mario Duemer is now working as Technical Projects Manager in the USA

2019 has been one of the most successful years for ELOKON. In order to advance the internalization strategy, ELOKON founded a second subsidiary, after Poland, in the USA in the Tucker area of Atlanta, GA. The new office and a local team of experts provide an ideal set-up to support the growing market and customer demands. Read here the story about Mario Duemer's career advancement and his relocation to Atlanta.

Step 1: The Decision

Previously, Mario was a service technician for the company and successfully implemented international customer projects. Even from Germany, he was already working with customers based in the US. In Atlanta, he is the Technical Projects Manager and responsible for the service department, sales, customer service and projects.

Kevin Bradley, Vice President of Sales and Operations, will be leading the US team. Prior to this assignment, he was responsible for ELOKON‘s subsidiary in the UK and a played major part in introducing their safety technology to the local market. In Atlanta, GA he is supported by Mario Duemer.

„I am extremely pleased to have Mr. Duemer join our team; he has a wealth of ELOKON product knowledge and industry experience. I am confident our customers will find him to be approachable and helpful.”

Kevin Bradley Vice President of Sales and Operations ELOKON Inc.

Step 2: Saying Goodbye

Mario Duemer’s career is advancing – in 2017 he started to work at ELOKON as a service technician. Two years later ELOKON decided to open a subsidiary in the USA and Mario, as well as his colleague Kevin Bradley, offered to move to the USA for the company. From there, the ELOKON team will be further expanded to match market needs. End of September, Mario flew from Germany to Atlanta and Kevin will follow him soon after from the UK. On his last day at the office, Mario said goodbye to his German colleagues with mixed feelings.

Step 3: The Journey

This is one of Mario‘s first longer stays abroad. He is looking forward to the challenge of learning more about a new culture and fine-tuning his language skills.

Besides his new tasks as a Technical Projects Manager, his interest in the city of Atlanta made it an easy decision for him to move. The city is an important hub in the US and home to many national and international companies. Many cities in the US and worldwide can be reached with direct flights from Atlanta – which shows the great local infrastructure.

Mario Duemer comments: „I’m very excited to be part of the US team together with Kevin Bradley. I’m looking forward to further expanding the team and to introduce our products to the American market. I see this as a chance for my personal, as well as professional development as part of the ELOKON team. I’m convinced that our products will contribute greatly to the US material handling industry. “

Step 4: The Arrival

We checked in with Mario Duemer, Technical Projects Manager, after his first few days in Atlanta, GA. Even though he had visited Atlanta a few times in the past, there were still a few things that surprised him. He already knew that people in the US were generally known for being friendlier than in other countries, but he was impressed by the extremely warm welcome he received in the new town he now calls home. On his first day at the office in Tucker, GA, the colleagues were eagerly expecting his arrival, greeted him right away and offered to take him out for lunch. Everyone was very helpful and offered plenty of advice for the new colleague.

Although he already misses the ELOKON team in Germany, he is excited about his new responsibilities, the challenge of being part of opening the first branch in the US, and the opportunity to grow the North American business. He is looking forward to actively supporting the local customer base and increasing brand awareness in the American material handling sector. For Mario, this experience is an opportunity for both his personal and his professional development.

Besides getting to know the culture and setting up everything he needs to live in Atlanta, Mario is now getting all his equipment ready and preparing to travel the country for his first customer visits in New Bremen, OH, Fort Wayne, IN and Allentown, PA.


Dear Mario

even though we already miss you as our colleague and service technician in Germany – we wish you all the best for your time in the US and a lot of success for your new position at ELOKON Group.

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