ELOprotect - VNA Vehicle-Pedestrian Safety System

ELOprotect - automated safety system for VNA lift trucks
Collision-avoidance technology protects floor personnel and equipment in VNA manufacturing plants and warehouses

ELOprotect is an automatic anti-collision system that improves safety and increases material handling throughput in very narrow aisles. Using advanced laser technology, the system ensures that VNA lift trucks can avoid accidents with mobile personnel, objects and other vehicles.

ELOprotect is officially recognized in Germany by regulatory agencies as a "replacement measure" for the safety distance otherwise required in VNA operating environments. In some regions, this margin of safety is mandatory for a warehouse to be allowed to operate.

Award-winning solution

Flexible OEM-independent installation

ELOprotect can be pre-installed in your lift truck manufacturer’s factory—whatever OEM you use. Or, if you prefer, ELOprotect can be retrofitted on your existing fleet at your site.

Powerful add-on options to meet your requirements

The base configuration of ELOprotect includes evaluation electronics, two laser scanners and a display / operating module. Depending on your individual needs, ELOprotect can be equipped with additional options, including:

  • Automatic speed reduction when laser scanner is blocked, to avoid unnecessary system deactivation
  • “Comfort” activation / deactivation, so cross-aisle traffic and end-of-aisle walls do not trigger false alarms
ELOKON @ Amazon Logistics Centre Graben - large project implementation completed

ELOprotect ensures VNA lift truck safety at Amazon.

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Safer forklift operations at Federal-Mogul, with ELOprotect.

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ELOprotect Anti-Collision
reduces collisions in the warehouse.

The benefits of ELOprotect are clear

  • Compliant with all legal provisions (type-examination tested in Europe)
  • Maximum protection for people and industrial trucks
  • Intelligent technology for automatic safety
  • Optional modules for extra efficiency
  • Anti-collision features enable 2+ lift trucks to operate in same VNA aisle at same time to increase material handling throughput
  • Compatible with all major forklift makes and models
  • Internationally deployable

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We’d be glad to give you additional information about our award-winning mobile personnel protection system for VNA lift trucks.

How it works

Providing double protection

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The ELOprotect personnel protection system conforms to all applicable EU safety directives. For example, ELOprotect is type-tested according to the requirements of Annex IV of the Machinery Directive.

Improving safety, awareness and accountability for VNA lift truck drivers

When a VNA lift truck drives into an aisle, ELOprotect automatically activates and monitors the high-risk areas ahead of the vehicle’s direction of travel. When the vehicle is stationary, ELOprotect monitors both potential directions of travel to make sure an approaching pedestrian is detected.

If a person is detected in the aisle, ELOprotect automatically slows the vehicle to a stop. When the danger has past, the driver resets the system by pressing a button (which acknowledges the incident). Then the lift truck can resume normal operation. If the lift truck leaves the aisle, ELOprotect automatically deactivates.

ELOprotect and optional modules at a glance


Mobile Personnel Safety System

Automatic anti-collision system—with laser technology—for safer, more productive material handling in Very Narrow Aisles.

Module ANTIC

Anti-Collision | Collision Prevention

Innovative ELOprotect add-on prevents vehicle-vehicle collisions, enabling 2+ lift trucks to operate in same VNA aisle at same time.

Module STOP

Auto-Stop at End of Aisle

Automatically decelerates / stops VNA lift trucks at ends of aisles to avoid collisions with walls.

Module EASR

End of Aisle Safety

Reduces lift truck speed to 1.5 mph whenever truck exits an aisle.

Module DYN

Dynamic Detection Fields

Automatically adjusts lift truck speed based on setting of system’s detection range.

ELOprotectPRO - enhanced warehouse safety - maximised range

The latest version of ELOprotect has a new laser scanner for added benefits. Like a 30% longer detection range – up to 30 feet. This enables trucks to operate safely at higher speeds, for greater productivity. The scanner is smaller, too, so it’s easier to install on all VNA truck models. And the new scanner is more dust-resistant as well, so the system can be used reliably in even the toughest industrial conditions.

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ELOprotectPRO mit maximierter Reichweite von 9 Metern

Your benefits at a glance

  • Longer 30-foot detection range for faster driving speeds, greater productivity—safely
  • Smaller size and new software display for quicker, easier installation
  • Install conveniently at OEM factory, or retrofit on site
  • Type-examination tested (Europe) with Performance Level d (SIL 2)
  • Standardized interfaces compatible with all truck makes / models
  • Improved dust resistance for any industrial environment

Technical contribution

Maximum safe speed of travel for lift trucks.

More Information

Want to learn more about ELOprotect?

We’d be glad to give you additional information about our award-winning mobile personnel protection system for VNA lift trucks.

Product Brochure

ELOprotect Flyer (pdf)

Technical Specifications

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