ELOprotect - Mobile Personnel Safety System

ELOprotect - safety system for forklift trucks
provides mobile personnel protection and collision avoidance in warehouses

ELOprotect is a self-actuating laser scanner anti-collision system for safety and more throughput in very narrow aisles.

The mobile personnel protection system is an automatically operating safety device for protecting personnel when industrial trucks are being used in narrow aisles.

Collision protection in narrow aisles

ELOprotect is officially recognised in Germany as a replacement measure for operating the narrow aisle warehouse – "replacement measure" because it replaces the safety distance that is otherwise required in narrow aisles. If the safety distance is not maintained, the warehouse cannot normally be operated.

ELOprotect is awarded

Meet the highest requirements: powerful, add-on options and easy to handle

ELOprotect can be pre-installed in your narrow aisle truck manufacturer's factory. ELOprotect can also be retrofitted onto your existing fleet at your site.

The basic configuration of ELOprotect consists of evaluation electronics, two laser scanners and a display and operating module. Depending on your requirements, ELOprotect can be equipped with additional options:

Automatic triggering of creep speed if the laser scanner is covered in order to avoid manual deactivation of the mobile personnel protection system. Optional comfort activation and deactivation so that cross traffic in front and any walls that are present do not lead to interference of alarm triggering.

ELOKON @ Amazon Logistics Centre Graben - large project implementation completed

ELOKON realized the major project.
At Amazon in Graben.

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Safe driving.
At Federal Mogul with ELOprotect.

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Retrofitting ELOprotect.
At the Culina Group.

The benefits of ELOprotect are obvious

  • Compliance with all legal provisions - Type-examination tested
  • Maximum safety for people and vehicles
  • Comfort modules for more efficiency
  • Compatible with all major forklift truck models
  • More throughput in very narrow aisles
  • Internationally deployable system
  • Intelligent technology for automatic safety

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How it works

Providing double protection

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The personnel protection system ELOprotect conforms to the valid EU Directives. ELOprotect is type-tested according to the requirements of annex IV of the Machinery Directive.

Increasing safety and responsibility awareness when using forklift trucks

If a narrow aisle forklift truck drives into an aisle, ELOprotect is automatically activated and monitors the danger area in the current direction of travel whilst the vehicle is moving. When the vehicle is stationary, ELOprotect monitors both potential directions of travel in order to prevent anyone approaching unnoticed.

If a person is detected in the aisle, ELOprotect automatically brakes the vehicle to a stop. As soon as the driver has made sure that the danger is no longer present, he can reset the alarm by pressing the operating button (deliberate acknowledgement), and the forklift can resume operation. If the forklift leaves the aisle, ELOprotect is automatically deactivated.

ELOprotectPRO - enhanced warehouse safety - with maximised range

The latest version of ELOprotect incorporates a new laser scanner which offers even more user benefits. It has a longer detection range – now 9m up from 7m - which enables truck speeds to be increased. This allows for enhanced productivity whilst ensuring the highest levels of safety. The scanner’s more compact size makes it easier to integrate on all VNA trucks and also opens up new installation possibilities. As the new scanner is more dust and dirt resistant it is suitable for use in tough industrial environments minimising any risk of false alarms.

ELOprotectPRO mit maximierter Reichweite von 9 Metern

Your benefits at a glance

  • Higher detection range of 9 metres
  • Faster driving speed
  • Convenient ex-works installation or retrofit onto existing trucks
  • Reduced size offers more installation possibilities
  • Copes with tough industry applications (much more dust resistant minimising false alarms)
  • Compatible with all truck types thanks to standardised interfaces
  • Higher productivity
  • Type-examination tested with Performance Level d (SIL 2)
  • Software inverts display screen if assembled upside down, for clear view

Technical contribution

Maximum Speed of Travel of Forklift Trucks.

More Information

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Product Brochure

Mobile Safety and Assistance Systems Flyer (pdf)

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