Workplace safety (assistance system ELOshield)

Assistance system for industrial workplaces
reduces the risk of accidents in high-risk areas

Wherever employees are involved in the operation of industrial machinery and plants, there is a risk of accidents, so particular attention must be paid to ensure safer working conditions in these areas.

The system automatically detects a person’s presence in a defined high-risk area around the machine and can actively intervene in the equipment’s control systems, preventing dangerous movements, and in the case of a stoppage, preventing its unwanted activation.

ELOshield can be used wherever optical protective devices (laser scanners, light curtains) and physical protective barrier systems (fencing, shields) are not effective.

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How it works

The system monitors dangerous situations in real time. As soon as a person enters the warning zone, a light and/or acoustic signal is activated on the machine and a vibration signal is activated on the personal tag.

If a person enters the protection zone (depending on individual settings), the system switches off dangerous movements or stops the machine completely. When the person leaves the warning zone, the machine's operating parameters return to their original settings.

If the protection zones are violated and the machine comes to a standstill, reset and restart procedures are required to restart the machine.

The benefits of ELOshield: are obvious:

  • Compatible with all major forklift truck models
  • Safety of personnel in dangerous areas
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Possibility to create any shape of zone
  • Increased safety during machine service
  • Up to 500 personal tags can be used
  • Convenient application
  • Internationally applicable

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ELOshield at glance

Safe machinery operation

detection system

Safe machine maintenance

Substitutes LOTO (Lockout Tagout)

Wide range of applications

An alternative for optical protection devices and protective barrier systems

Operators entering the cell feel more confident now. The system continuously signals the presence of operators inside the cell and does not allow the process to start even when the door is closed and locked

Ryszard Muzyczka East European Regional Director of KIRCHHOFF Automotive

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