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Get the latest about ELOKON and our products in our brochure.

We tailor our safety solutions to the needs of our customers—flexibility and safety are our core principles. Also get an overview of our forklift safety and fleet management systems for material handling equipment.

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VNA Safety and Assistance Systems

Automated safety system / VNA personnel protection

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Product Video (YouTube)

ELOshield – Vehicle-Pedestrian Proximity Detection

Driver-assistance system for industrial truck safety

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ELOfleet – Fleet management

Cloud-based fleet management system

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ELOcate – Warehouse RTLS

Real-time location of vehicles, mobile objects and people

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ELOspeed – Indoor/Outdoor Speed Control

Driver-assistance system for industrial truck safety

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The ultimate warehouse safety checklist
Practical tips from ELOKON experts, approved by OSHA

People and machines work closely together in materials handling, and that means a high risk of accidental collisions. To help you make your facility as safe as it can be, our experts have compiled four free safety checklists, based on OSHA guidelines. Together, these comprehensive checklists will help you confirm your safety practices are good. Or identify critical areas where your site needs to improve.

The advantages of a safe warehouse are clear. Avoiding accidents not only prevents worker injuries and equipment downtime, it improves material handling productivity. And the safe use of industrial equipment—like forklifts, AGVs and cobots—is of special concern to OSHA. Forklift accidents are higher in warehouses than the U.S. average worksite. And year in and year out, lift trucks are always among OSHA’s top causes of workplace accident and injuries.

Of course, safety isn’t just a priority in warehouses. Our Ultimate Safety Checklist applies just as well to manufacturing plants and mixed-use facilities. Everywhere you want safe and efficient materials handling operations.

Our safety experts would also be glad to meet you in person at your site. To give you a first-hand assessment of your unique safety challenges, and offer pragmatic slutions. Our team has deep experience and expertise to help you define—and mitigate—your risks.

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