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Welcome to the ELOKON Group's download centre. This gives you access to comprehensive information and any forms you may need, which are arranged according to various target audiences.  

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Get the latest about ELOKON and our products in our brochure.

An overview of the most important safety and driver assistance systems gives you a good insight into the ELOKON range of products, all of which improve operational health and safety procedures in the intralogistics sector.

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Safety and assistance systems für VNA forklift trucks

Safety system / personnel protection

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ELOshield – proximity warning system

Assistance system for forklift trucks / industrial vehicles

Product video (Youtube)

ELOfleet - Fleet Management

Cloud-based fleet management system

Product video (YouTube)

ELOspeed – indoor/outdoor speed control

Assistance system for forklift trucks / industrial vehicles

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Safety checklist: how to protect your personnel and equipment
Practical tips from the ELOKON experts

In the intralogistics sector machines and personnel work in close proximity to each other, which leads to a heightened risk of accidents and collisions. ELOKON’s  experts have compiled five free checklists which will support any measures you want to undertake to improve safety in the warehouse.

The advantages of this are manifold: you not only protect your workforce and equipment but also improve productivity. You can deploy more industrial vehicles such as forklift trucks, AGVs or cobots without compromising on safety. The life span of the vehicles is extended whilst idle time is kept to a minimum.

But safety is of course not only a priority in the warehouse; in production and manufacturing plants for example it is crucial for efficient operations. The five checklists that have been put together cover various aspects of industrial safety, enabling you to enhance awareness of these in your particular operation. Part 1 deals with general safety measures for the warehouse.

Download free Checklists
and enhance safety in your warehouse

Our safety experts are of course more than happy to advise you in person, as customers will have individual safety requirements specific to their warehouse or operations. Our experts have the experience and in-depth expertise to identify the risks and provide concrete recommendations on how to counteract them. Our international consultants, the ELOKON Plant Experts, also support machinery and plant manufacturers in occupational safety. The team can provide a safety concept individually tailored to the customer's requirements which complies with all  applicable regulations.

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