FLTA Safety Convention

Supporting the FLTA’s Safety Convention
High level of interest from delegates

We strongly support any initiatives that highlight the importance of safety in the warehouse and we once again participated in the annual FLTA National Forklift Safety Convention which took place at the end of October in Coventry. This year’s theme was: “Forklift safety. It's no accident.”

Hundreds of delegates traveled from all over the country to attend this event, which seems to get bigger every year. But with good reason as Tim Waples, Chief Executive of the FLTA pointed out: “The convention is invaluable as it brings the industry together for a common goal: ensuring best practice and creating safer places to work. It’s something directly relevant to every company that uses even a single forklift.”

Our team demonstrated to many delegates how products such as the VNA safety system ELOprotect and the assistance system ELOshield can protect equipment and personnel, minimise the risk of accidents involving forklift trucks and prevent truck-on-truck collisions. Using technologies such those based on the use of sensors, UWB, lasers and radio offer a much higher level of protection than just relying purely on physical barriers or human vigilance to keep employees safe when working in the vicinity of forklifts. We now look forward to following up requests for more information and on-site demos following the high level of interest we received.

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