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Discover how ELOKON tailors advanced safety solutions to meet unique challenges in material handling and logistics. Start enhancing your safety protocols today.

We'll explore some of our forklift safety solutions available from ELOKON, but first, we'll review 3 top material handling hazards and why they result in forklift collisions.

Here, we’ll discuss how ELOKON forklift safety innovations improve safety and operations with ELOfleet as our example.

Between worker shortages, materials scarcity, and general unpreparedness, the pandemic caused and revealed many weaknesses in warehouse logistics that had real operational consequences.

Recent developments in smart technology have facilitated the improvement of safety and operations in intralogistics.

Between narrow aisles, high-traffic areas, and a working floor with a mix of forklifts and pedestrian employees, these workplaces have inherent hazards that put both pedestrian employees and forklift operators at high risk.

Expanding your forklift fleet goes beyond acquiring additional forklifts for your working sites. With more forklifts in the fleet, there are many more safety logistics to consider.

At ELOKON, we provide simple solutions for the challenges of implementing these safety precautions. In a fast-paced industrial world that relies on industry and warehousing, it’s ever so pertinent to keep up with demand and avoid downtime.

With unprotected pedestrian workers, forklifts, and other material handling equipment moving about, plus human error, warehouses and similar working environments are inherently dangerous places.