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June 13, 2023, marks the UK and US National Forklift Safety Day – highlighting the importance of safety for people and machines. This is an annual event aimed at raising awareness about the safe use of forklifts. It is important for companies and employees to regularly participate in education and safety training to stay current on the latest safety guidelines and to continually improve their forklift handling skills. Only a shared commitment to safety can reduce the risk of accidents and increase efficiency and productivity in warehouse environments.

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ELOfleet - cloud-based fleet management system

With our system, you can easily and cost-effectively increase your operational safety when handling forklifts and improve the efficiency of your forklift truck fleet:

  1. Access control: Ensure that only trained and experienced operators are allowed to use the trucks. This reduces the risk of improper use and minimizes potential hazardous situations.

  2. Safety checklist: Ensure that the forklift operator performs daily functional and visual checks before starting work.

  3. Maintenance scheduling: Regular maintenance and inspections can identify and correct potential safety problems before they lead to serious accidents or damage.

  4. Operational data analysis: A fleet management system collects data on truck operation, such as speed, braking behavior and load weight. This data can be analyzed to identify potential risks or inefficient operating practices. By optimizing driving behavior and operating procedures, accidents can be avoided and safety in the warehouse can be increased.

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ELOshield - pedestrian and forklift warning system

Where people and industrial vehicles such as forklifts and/ or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) work simultaneously in blind areas of intralogistics, particularly high demands are placed on the safety of warehouse employees. Our ELOshield proximity detection system significantly increases operational safety:

ELOshield Grafik

1. Collision prevention: It detects the presence of people or other vehicles around the forklift truck. It can use sensors to monitor the surroundings and issue warnings in good time if there are people or obstacles nearby. This reduces the risk of collisions and prevents accidents.

2. Improve visibility: In some warehouse environments, visibility for forklift drivers can be limited, for example by high racks or narrow aisles. ELOshield works with visual and audible signals to alert drivers to obstacles or people that may not be easily visible. This enables the driver to react proactively and avoid collisions.

3. Warning of danger zones: Certain areas in the warehouse may be considered danger zones, such as areas with limited visibility or high pedestrian traffic. ELOshield identifies danger zones and warns the driver and pedestrian accordingly. This raises awareness of potential risks and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

4. Awareness of employees: ELOshield helps to raise employees' awareness of safety-related aspects. By continuously highlighting hazards and encouraging safe behavior, it regularly reminds drivers of the importance of safety in the warehouse. This can lead to an improved safety culture in which all employees proactively contribute to risk reduction.


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Experts for Safety Consulting

Safety has a direct effect on performance in intralogistics: if the safety level increases, productivity and warehouse output increase as well. Every project and every customer requirement is unique – a detailed analysis of the customer's requirements and needs is the prerequisite for a sound safety concept. ELOKON consultants have the necessary experience and expertise when it comes to security in the warehouse. As external consultants, they bring a fresh perspective to all security issues in your warehouse. The consulting service always includes detailed recommendations to permanently reduce existing risks.

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  • Fewer accidents between industrial vehicles and pedestrians

  • Fewer collisions between industrial vehicles

  • Less downtime

  • More vehicles in use

  • More satisfied employees

  • More safety awareness in the warehouse

ELOprotect – guaranteed safety in the narrow aisle

When forklifts and people are on the move at the same time in the narrow aisle warehouse, then the legislators in many countries prescribe a safety system. The ELOprotect mobile personnel protection system reliably protects people when industrial vehicles are used in narrow aisles - and thus complies with the guidelines (DIN 15185 Part 2) for operation in intralogistics processes. The multiple award-winning product is used in warehouses by around 6,000 companies worldwide and prevents accidents between vehicles and pedestrians. In the Anti-Collision version, ELOprotect allows several vehicles to be operated simultaneously in one aisle without serious loss of speed.

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Safety Checklists

How safe is your warehouse? How can you reduce the risk of accidents? How do you effectively protect your warehouse employees? Our checklists guide you through all safety-relevant topics and support you in reviewing and optimizing your on-site safety.

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