ELOKON implements large project for a new Amazon Logistics Centre

ELOKON @ Amazon logistics center
ELOprotect keeps workers safe in very narrow aisles

Amazon deployed our ELOprotect vehicle-pedestrian safety system at a major logistics center in Bavaria, Germany. With six warehouses—covering an area equal to 17 football fields—the distribution complex is one of Europe’s largest. ELOprotect was installed on over 50 Crown high-level order pickers. Made specifically for very narrow aisles (VNA), the system has automatic anti-collision technology to prevent both truck-pedestrian and truck-truck accidents.

The Project at a glance


VNA forklift trucks


warehouses covering an area equal to 17 football fields

Very narrow aisles

were made more safe with ELOprotect ACS


solution tailored to Amazon's requirements

The Background
Large warehouse requires high level of safety

Two keys to Amazon’s phenomenal success are its enormous product range and amazing speed of order fulfillment. In Amazon’s Bavarian warehouse, VNA lift trucks from U.S.-based Crown Equipment move a wide assortment of merchandise in and out of high shelves in very narrow aisles. In these busy, tight spaces, the risk of accidents is taken very seriously. Avoiding collisions is essential. And that’s where ELOprotect comes in.

The Solution
ELOprotect ACS protects against rear-end collisions

ELOprotect uses innovative, intelligent laser technology to detect people and objects that come too close to a lift truck. The system prevents accidents by automatically slowing the lift truck down—to a stop, if needed. Amazon also chose an optional module that automatically avoids collisions between vehicles. That means several lift trucks can work in an aisle at the same time—increasing material handling speed and productivity.

How it works
Automatic braking

As soon as lift trucks enter a very narrow aisle, ELOprotect activates automatically. When one truck approaches within 50 feet of another, the system will automatically slow it down. And alert the driver with visible and audible warnings. If the lift truck continues to move despite these alerts, ELOprotect will sound an alarm and bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

Implementation in less than 6 months

The entire project—from application analysis to factory installation on the lift trucks—took less than six months. To meet Amazon’s strict delivery deadline, we had to meet Crown’s engineering requirements and integrate our system on the trucks at the OEM’s factory. We are proud that these lift trucks carried their first loads down Amazon’s aisles on schedule and on budget.

For a project of this size and complexity, the schedule was a challenge, even for ELOKON. But then, Amazon is famous for speed of delivery!

Close cooperation with Amazon and Crown

One key to project success was our ability to work closely with Crown to tailor the system to Amazon’s specifications. For example, to augment ELOprotect ACS, Amazon wanted the system to prevent unauthorized reverse motion. Reverse travel represented a particular hazard in Amazon’s VNA environment.

Through close cooperation with Crown, we achieved the objective. We also trained and supported Crown technicians on the installation, deployment and use of the system.

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