30th work anniversary

A big celebration, lots of fun and many shared stories
Two colleagues celebrate 30 years of service for ELOKON

Time flies! Markus Kusiak und Guenter Scheck have now been working at ELOKON for more than three decades. Both colleagues have been with ELOKON since it was a small company and have been part of its journey to become a global operating company with multiple locations. To thank them for their loyalty and dedication over the years, ELOKON recently held a surprise anniversary party.

A successful surprise

September 30th, 2019 was going to be a very special day for our colleagues Markus Kusiak and Guenter Scheck – but neither of them had any idea of how special it would turn out to be. Weeks ahead, a plan was created to stage a surprise celebration for their 30th work anniversaries. Step by step we worked on how to best bring the two employees, their families and close colleagues together for an evening and soon after the whole company and some of their family members were involved – without revealing the surprise to Markus and Guenther.    

When the day arrived, Markus and Guenter came to the Parkhotel in the Rosarium in Uetersen under false pretenses. The invited guests, their families and colleagues, were already eagerly awaiting their arrival. From the look on their faces it was obvious that the surprise was successful. After the many greetings from well wishers dinner was served and the conversations flowed.


Old photos and reminiscing are a must at such an event and after the dinner the Managing Directors, Dr. Volker Auerbach and Mr. Alexander Glasmacher, entertained the guests - and especially the two guests of honor - with pictures, anecdotes and stories. This 30 year walk down memory lane from ELOKON’s early days to the present was greatly enjoyed by everyone.

What do they still like the most about their work? We have asked them:

A big thank you

This very special evening was rounded off with gifts for Markus and Guenter, some engraved with their names, which were presented by Dr. Volker Auerbach and Mr. Alexander Glasmacher as a thank you and in recognition of the many years of dedicated service for ELOKON.

Dear Markus, dear Guenter,

in the time you have been with ELOKON you have witnessed at first hand the companies‘ growth and development and have been loyal. We thank you for your commitment, your long term expertise and your inspiring motivation. We look forward to many more years with you.

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