The ELOKON Group. A Safe Success.

Safety - made in "Germany"

At ELOKON, we develop and implement automated safety and driver-assistance systems for forklifts and other material handling equipment. Our innovative technologies align with the cutting-edge advancements of Industry 4.0. Over 4,250 customers around the world benefit from our solutions, improving their workplace safety and increasing material handling productivity. ELOKON is also a leading provider of machinery safety engineering, advising multinational corporations on machinery safety issues.

Years of experience

Employees worldwide
Customers in over 45 countries
Awards for excellent solutions

Over 38 years of experience and success

Since 1986, we’ve provided world-class solutions to improve workplace safety. Through long-term customer relationships and industry partnerships, our name has become synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability. We’ve been able to grow organically as a private, self-financed company. Because we re-invest our earnings into new product development and our professional team. And because we focus on long-term, sustainable values, as well as near-term success.

Our customers come in all sizes: multi-national corporations, medium-size organizations and small companies. In more than 45 countries around the world, our customers have entrusted us to ensure safe, smooth industrial operations.

Focusing on digitization and Industry 4.0

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Cars have become digital platforms, with a wide range of automated driver-assistance safety features. And fully autonomous vehicles are on the horizon. We’ve applied this leading-edge technology to material handling equipment - to create digital “guardian angels” for forklifts and other industrial trucks. By automating lift truck safety, we not only protect workers and equipment, we help make material handling more efficient, productive and profitable.

Our forklift safety solutions are based on an intelligent interplay of hardware, software, sensors and wireless technologies. Our systems preemptively recognize dangerous situations and intervene - either automatically or semi-autonomously - to prevent accidents.

Using innovative Lidar, radar, UWB and RFID technologies, our systems help lift trucks recognize - and avoid collisions with - pedestrians and other vehicles. Our systems communicate in real time using the latest “vehicle-to-vehicle” and “vehicle-to-X” RF technology from the automotive industry. The “X” includes both facility infrastructure and pedestrian ID badges.

Our certifications and associations

certifications and associations

Our people make the difference

The bedrock of our business is our team of over 130 skilled, motivated employees. We are diverse, international and passionate about our work. We design, build and deliver world-class safety solutions for our customers. And we invest in emerging technologies, like Industry 4.0, UWB, driver-assistance sensors, and control engineering for machine safety.

Our values

Being good citizens is in our company DNA. Our values guide the way we work with our customers, partners, communities - and each other. Through customer focus, professional development, sustainability, open mindedness, job enrichment and integrity, we’ve created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish.

Customer Focus

Our thoughts and actions focus on customer benefits. We provide innovative solutions and services that meet our customers’ technical requirements and deliver a rapid return on investment. We create a positive culture of customer service. And we apply a wealth of experience to build long-lasting customer and partner relationships.

Professional Employee Development

We have a responsibility to develop our employees’ talents, encourage their professional growth, and motivate them to achieve results. We strive to build powerful teams that improve company performance, with the safety and security of our workforce always our top priority. The basis of internal collaboration among our employees is mutual respect and trust.


We’ve built our private, self-financed company through financial stability, responsible decisions, risk aversion and steady growth. Long-lasting, sustainable relationships with our customers and partners are more important to us than short-term profit. With also view our internal relationships through the lens of sustainability. We want to nurture the careers of our employee so they will develop and grow with our company over the long term, both personally and professionally.

Open Mindedness

To continually improve our products and services, we require openness - both within our company and with external partners and customers. Many of our most innovative, successful products have resulted directly from open collaboration with our customers and technology partners. And openness within our company is also a source of change, progress and improvement. It pays to question the status quo, share knowledge and try new, creative ways to do things.

Work and Enjoy

We give our employees freedom, appreciation and responsibility - to help them reach their full potential. We want our people to feel personally and professionally fulfilled when they achieve company goals. Because when people enjoy their work and feel empowered to contribute their ideas, we all succeed.


We are committed to doing things the right way - both as a company and as individuals. We respect the cultures, beliefs and rules of our customers and partners. And we align ourselves with those principles. When we deploy our solutions, our employees are mindful of, and adhere to, local customs and regulations.

We think and act together – beyond national and site boundaries

In focus: social commitment

ELOKON has been supporting organizations that are particularly committed to social projects for many years. Whether it’s small institutions, such as the Material Handling Education Foundation, or large non-profit organizations, such as Make-A-Wish; it is crucial that the support is sustainable and demonstrably received. Our current projects in detail:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that grants wishes to critically ill children worldwide. Established in 1980, it operates in 50+ countries. Thousands of children's dreams come true each year, from meeting celebrities to extraordinary adventures. A wish brings hope, joy, and strength to kids and families. With community support, volunteers, and donors, Make-A-Wish creates magical and unforgettable moments for brave children in dire conditions.

The Material Handling Education Foundation Inc. (MHEFI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the importance of material handling and logistics education. MHEFI's mission is to provide scholarships, grants, and educational resources to support students, educators, and industry professionals in developing their skills and knowledge in this critical field.