Integrating ELOKON's Forklift Safety Innovations with Existing Fleets: A Seamless Transition

Integrating ELOKON's Forklift Safety Innovations with Existing Fleets: A Seamless Transition

With the rise of Industry 4.0, the intralogistics sector has more powerful technology than ever to improve operations. Of course, this also means new developments in intralogistics safety. At ELOKON, our technology simplifies warehouse safety, including initial integration.

ELOKON’s forklift safety innovations consist of several solutions – namely ELOshield. Our innovations give intralogistics companies the ability to prevent forklift-related collisions. We keep the integration process in mind when we develop solutions. After all, what does improved safety mean without feasibility? Enhancing safety in existing fleets is not only possible with ELOKON solutions – it's also a cornerstone of our approach to safeguarding intralogistics teams.

Here, we’ll discuss how ELOKON forklift safety innovations improve safety and operations with ELOfleet as our example. But first, we’ll talk about our forklift guide to fleet safety and share how to avoid forklift fleet replacement. Achieving enhanced safety and operations starts with learning what ELOKON has to offer your warehouse.

Our Forklift Guide to Fleet Safety with ELOKON

Identifying how your warehouse can be safer is the first step in safeguarding your workforce and work floor. In this forklift guide, we’ll go in-depth into the solutions we offer at ELOKON. Our portfolio of safety solutions includes:

  • ELOfleet – Fleet Management
  • ELOshield – Proximity Detection
    • ELOshieldGO – Vehicle to Pedestrian Personnel Detection
    • ELOshieldDRIVE – Vehicle to Vehicle Collision Warning
    • ELOshieldZONE – Zoning Safety and Proximity Detection
    • ELOshieldSPEED – Zoning Safety and Indoor/Outdoor Speed Control
  • ELOprotect – VNA Pedestrian Safety System
  • ELOprotect ACS – Wider Range VNA Anti Collision System, Vehicle to Vehicle
  • ELOassist – VNA Driver Warning System, Vehicle and Object Anti-Collision

In this forklift guide, we recommend employing several or all of these safety and assistance systems to decrease the likelihood of forklift-related collisions. ELOKON’s forklift safety innovations form a safety ecosystem where each one of our solutions complements the other. Implementing a combination of these safety systems protects different aspects of a complex intralogistics work environment. This forklift guide represents the range of safety solutions available to your company to better safeguard your team. When your team is secure, your employees can confidently focus on the task at hand, whether they’re pedestrians or forklift operators throughout the warehouse.

Companies in the intralogistics sector can find several safety systems that will work for their unique safety needs. However, here, we’ll explore ELOfleet, our forklift fleet management solution, and how it’s one of our forklift safety innovations. ELOfleet has transformed the way thousands of our clients manage their fleets and teams' safety.

ELOfleet: Forklift Fleet Management

Companies around the world can immediately improve warehouse safety by upgrading their forklift fleet management operations. Keeping track of active operators, maintenance schedules, and fleet KPIs enhances intralogistics safety while serving as an opportunity for optimizing productivity. ELOfleet, one of ELOKON’s many forklift safety innovations, includes these features and many more so teams can improve both safety and warehouse logistics. Let’s dive into the features that ELOfleet as to offer

Transforming Forklift Fleet Management with ELOfleet

ELOfleet is the first cloud-based fleet management system in the world with smartphone accessibility. The intralogistics sector is a complex and demanding industry, which is why we’ve developed mixed-fleet management capability. This allows teams to manage and monitor fleets across different sites. ELOfleet facilitates the visibility of key fleet data and maintenance requirements so that your team can improve productivity where and when needed.

ELOfleet can be retrofitted and is OEM agnostic, allowing this fleet management system to transform the management of a mixed fleet. With personalized access control, your team can authorize and monitor drivers. ELOfleet allows your team to customize your required pre-op checklist and safety message to better suit the needs of your team. And with KPIs such as impact statistics, operating hours, and operators available, ELOfleet grants your team fleet transparency to streamline operations according to demand.

ELOfleet simplifies forklift fleet management for the intralogistics sector by increasing visibility and facilitating team communications. ELOfleet and other ELOKON forklift safety innovations can also help your team avoid forklift fleet replacements – more on this next.

Avoiding Forklift Fleet Replacement

Forklift fleet replacements are expensive. At ELOKON, we’re here to help your company avoid them. Even replacing one forklift following a collision or disrepair significantly adds to overhead costs. Forklift fleet replacement is a great inconvenience, in addition to being pricey. With the right safety and fleet managment systems, your team can avoid such a large-scale fleet overhaul. Here are some ways that ELOKON extends the lifespan of MHEs in the intralogistics sector:

Making Maintenance Schedules Accessible

Following maintenance schedules is critically important to forklift fleet, and it’s key in avoiding total forklift fleet replacement. Forklift maintenance can lead to increased productivity and safety, among other benefits. However, teams can realize these benefits if operators adequately report damage, and maintenance teams complete tune-ups when needed. ELOfleet allows teams to note damage and plan maintenance schedules. It also automatically records collisions so maintenance teams can address any issues in a timely manner. By tracking and following preventative maintenance schedules, your team can extend the lifespan of its forklift fleet and save on overhead costs.

Preventing Forklift-Related Accidents

ELOKON’s other forklift safety innovations also prevent forklift-related accidents through speed control, proximity detection, and zoning throughout the warehouse. ELOKON has a portfolio of safety solutions designed to protect different aspects of the warehouse. For example, ELOprotect is our VNA Pedestrian Safety System. ELOshield is our Proximity Detection System that prevents collisions in the warehouse. ELOspeed is ELOKON’s Indoor/Outdoor Speed Control system that slows down forklifts as they transition back into indoor working areas. By employing safety systems that prevent collisions throughout the warehouse, your team can avoid the need to replace fleets due to severe damage. We at ELOKON are committed to the seamless implementation of these safety and assistance systems throughout your working environment in order to safeguard your workforce.

Seamlessly Increase Safety with ELOKON

At ELOKON, we’re dedicated to developing the latest in intralogistics safety without sacrificing feasibility. With a user-centered design and simple integration, ELOKON solutions help companies better safeguard their workforce and work floors. We work with more than 4,250 clients worldwide, meaning that 4,250+ teams are safer from forklift-related accidents. Contact us today to learn more about our portfolio of solutions that can keep your employees safe.

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