ELOshieldZONE: Your Go-To Forklift Proximity Alarm

ELOshieldZONE: Your Go-To Forklift Proximity Alarm

Warehouses are busy working environments. From pedestrian employees getting work done to forklift operators moving inventory and materials about the warehouse, collisions involving forklifts and pedestrians are likely to occur. Although following governmental safety regulations and company guidelines prevent forklift-related accidents and injuries, it’s helpful to add other levels of safety when possible. But, where to start?

Our team at ELOKON is dedicated to developing the latest automated safety and driver-assistance systems for forklifts and other inventory vehicles in the warehouse. We believe that streamlining safety and forklift fleet management systems also streamline the warehouse working environment. We’ve created a suite of safety systems that involves utilizing proximity alarms to alert forklift operators and pedestrians of possible collisions.

Here, we’ll focus on our ELOshieldZONE– its features, necessary components, and installation. We’ll also mention some of our other applications in our safety suite. At ELOKON, your company can find comprehensive solutions to prevent forklift-pedestrian collisions, keep your warehouse safe, and increase warehouse productivity. There are many hazards in the warehouse, but our pedestrian warning systems function to make the warehouse safer.

Pedestrian Warning Systems and Pedestrian Detection Systems: How They Work

ELOshieldZONE is both a pedestrian warning system and a pedestrian detection system for forklift operators. ELOshieldZONE prevents collisions by sounding a proximity alarm when a pedestrian enters both the “Protection” zone and “Warning” zone of the forklift. However, ELOshieldZONE has other applications in the warehouse, including stationary installation for high-traffic warehouse areas and aisles. Wherever installed, ELOshieldZONE is an effective pedestrian warning system and pedestrian detection system.

A Closer Look at ELOshieldZONE

ELOshieldZONE uses ultra-wideband proximity detection to serve as a proximity alarm in the warehouse. Ultra-wideband technology is a local and wireless feature that relies on radio waves to communicate between modules. The protection zone and warning zone are configurable to match your company’s safety standards. ELOshieldZONE as a pedestrian warning system and pedestrian detection system has a wide range of up to 40 feet/12 meters with a possible extension of up to 80 feet/ 25 meters. ELOshieldZONE uses ultra-wideband wireless sensors that can distinguish between inventory and structures from pedestrians. The sensing of pedestrians in the protection and warning zones can produce different proximity alarms, such as sounds or automatically reducing vehicle speed. ELOshieldZONE can work for mixed fleets, as well as robots, cobots, and automatically guided vehicles besides forklifts and other warehouse vehicles.

ELOshieldGO is ideal for zoning applications within the warehouse, especially the fixed-position monitoring version. In this case, several transponder vehicles are installed above gates, thresholds, and high-traffic areas of the warehouse. When a forklift approaches the area, the ELOshieldZONE modules emit radio signals to sense the ELOshieldZONE module of the forklift. If a pedestrian is also approaching the same area, the ELOsheildZONE will sound its proximity alarm in the form of an auditory alarm or automatically reduce the speed of the vehicle. This proximity detection system prevents collisions before employees might even realize one is possible.

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at ELOshieldZONE, let’s explore other proximity systems available at ELOKON. Implementing extra safety systems such as ELOshieldZONE helps improve warehouse safety and reduces the chance of forklift-related accidents. It’s important for employees to complete their required safety training, and it’s also important for companies to encourage worker safety with other levels of accident prevention.

Other Proximity Systems Available at ELOKON

Besides our ELOshieldZONE, we offer a range of warehouse proximity system solutions that use the same accurate ultra-wideband wireless technology that prevents warehouse collisions with ELOshieldZONE. The solutions available at ELOKON include the following proximity systems:

    • ELOspeed
      ELOspeed regulates forklift and warehouse vehicle speed with radar detection. The radar scans the area above the warehouse vehicle and decides if it's warehouse ceiling or sky. If it detects ceilings, ELOspeed automatically slows down the vehicle. If ELOspeed senses the sky, it allows the driver to go full speed outside.

    • ELOshieldSPEED
      Between warehouse pedestrians, floor robots, AGVs, and other warehouse workers, the possibility of a collision without preventative tech remains. But, ELOshieldSPEED reduces the chance of warehouse collision. ELOshieldSPEED features define individual danger zones. When in these zones, vehicles are automatically slowed down. When the vehicles exit these zones, they can regain their speed.

    • ELOshieldGO
      ELOshieldGO reduces the speed of warehouse vehicles when the ultra-wideband radar senses tagged pedestrians. When a pedestrian gets too close to the warehouse vehicle, the ELOshieldGO alerts the driver with the chosen alarm. The mobile pedestrian module has a loud audible alarm and an adjustable vibration alarm.

    • ELOshieldDrive
      ELOshieldDRIVE is the “collision warning” version of ELOshield, which requires warehouse vehicles to be equipped with an ultra-wideband transmit/receive module that senses both other warehouse vehicles and pedestrians. With ELOshieldDRIVE, the configured alarm will alert the driver and the system will reduce the speed of the warehouse vehicle.

    • ELOprotect PSS
      ELOprotect Personnel Safety System (PSS) is an automatically operating safety device for protecting personnel when industrial trucks are being used in narrow aisles.

    • ELOprotect ACS
      ELOprotect Anti Collision System (ACS) is designed to prevent collisions between vehicles in the same narrow area. ELOprotect ACS monitors a wider range than standard personal protection systems, and it automatically prevents vehicles from colliding.

Our team at ELOKON designs safety systems specifically with the needs of warehouse business environments in mind. Warehouses are complex working environments that require extra safety technology to prevent vehicle-related accidents which can be injurious and even fatal. At ELOKON, we take employee safety seriously and build our safety systems to the unique specifications of warehouse environments. From ELOshieldZONE to our other proximity systems in our ELOsuite, we offer effective collision prevention systems that keep warehouses safe. By employing a combination of our solutions, your company can be confident in its ability to reduce the chance of collisions.

Install ELOshieldZONE With ELOKON

We at ELOKON are proud to be a trusted name in warehouse and industrial safety. Our team has designed multiple systems effective at preventing warehouse accidents and worker injuries. Keeping workers safe is just as important as any part of warehouse workflow, and at ELOKON, we’ve streamlined the technology to create ELOshieldZONE to prevent accidents and injuries. Contact us today so we can get started on installing our ELOshieldZONE proximity detection system in your warehouse.

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