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Questions and answers on our training opportunities

To enable our customers to benefit from the wide ranging functions of our safety and assistance systems, we have developed a dedicated training programme for their technicians. This empowers them to know what to do should a fault occur. Below we answer some frequent questions on the topic of training.

Who are the courses designed for?

The course content is aimed at technical personnel employed by forklift manufacturers and resellers who work in customer service departments. On the basis of information supplied by users, part of their remit will be to identify whether the problems stem from the safety and assistance systems or from the forklifts themselves.

What does the training entail? Which topics are covered?

The service training is divided into two parts which achieve varying levels of competence:

The first level instructs forklift technicians how to investigate error reports, either independently or by calling in to ELOKON employees for assistance. They will learn how faults can be analysed and ultimately identified.

The second level consolidates and builds upon the knowledge and skills previously acquired. Participants learn how to rectify faults in the system and restore it to its operational status.

Where does the training take place?

We have designed the ELOKON training programme to be a practical experience. Courses take place around the devices used in the customers’ warehouses in order to mirror the exact applicational circumstances. Technicians can therefore get to grips with fault diagnostics directly on the forklift - the optimum learning environment for every trainee. Theoretical class-based learning is no match for this hands-on practical experience, which guarantees a much higher level of success.

How long does the training last?

Level 1 training courses take place during the implementation phase of the system and last four hours.

The consolidation course (Level 2) takes eight hours. The first three hours deal with theoretical content, which is then put into practice. Five hours are allotted for these tasks, which require the availability of a forklift – and for training which involves the ELOprotect product, a narrow aisle must also be available.

We’d also like to point out that these courses can be booked separately. The actual training requirements are dependent on the user’s level of knowledge and the number of installed systems. When booking courses you can also be flexible in your timing: they can be held one after the other in one day, or across two days.

How many participants per course?

A maximum of four participants are allowed per course. Due to the highly practical nature of the training we believe “less is more” to enable every participant to get a clear understanding of the functionality and role of the safety or assistance system on the forklift. This requires easy access to the truck at all times, which would be hampered if more people were to take part.

How and where can we register?

If you would like to train your personnel or have any further questions about the courses that ELOKON offers, please get in touch. Just send an email and we’ll be happy to help you!

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