VDI Material Handling Congress

ELOKON at the VDI Material Handling Congress

Digitisation at the forefront of ELOKON’s participation

The ELOKON team welcomed the opportunity to network with other logistics professionals at the 28th VDI Congress which took place recently in Garching. With digitisation the major topic of discussion at this year’s event, it was an ideal opportunity for us to highlight the role we have played in advancing this technology in the fields of intralogistics and MHE. Digitisation is the key to many of the innovations incorporated in our safety and assistance systems and it will continue to be at the heart of product development, particularly as the use of driverless AGVs and cobots in warehouses and factories is on the increase. 

Busy exhibition stand

We also presented our safety and assistance systems for forklift trucks and industrial vehicles such as ELOfleet and ELOshield at the accompanying exhibition, which attracted a great deal of attention and generated some good discussions with the delegates. Designed to prevent accidents in the warehouse - whether between personnel and forklifts, or collisions between vehicles themselves - these and other solutions we offer, such as forklift fleet management systems, protect the workforce and equipment, enabling a much higher level of occupational health and safety.  

Seminar: learning from the automotive sector

There was also a packed audience for the seminar given by our MD Alexander Glasmacher on the second day. This focused on how emerging trends in digitisation and autonomous driving are changing the working environment and the implications this will have for product development in intralogistics. Mr. Glasmacher looked at the leading role that the automotive industry has played in the advancement of assistance systems and how companies such as ELOKON are taking a cue from the sector and incorporating this technology in its products for enhanced safety.

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