ELOKON Annual Team Meeting

ELOKON Group annual team meeting takes place in two locations
Fun included

In June 2019, the ELOKON Group held its annual team meeting at sites in Germany and Poland. The company’s growing team of employees from across Europe gathered in Uetersen, Germany, near ELOKON’s headquarters outside Hamburg, and in Lodz, Poland, near the company’s Polish base of operations. Employees had the opportunity to discuss ideas for new products and services and suggest ways to improve customer focus, to make ELOKON an even better global supplier of industrial safety technology for its partners and end-user customers.

In Germany, ELOKON’s managing director, Alexander Glasmacher, reviewed recent successes and outlined the company’s objectives for 2019. Each major department of the company—engineering, production, sales and service—also reviewed key topics and current projects.


Focus on ELOKON's LEAD with Safety Strategy

ELOKON's teams focused on four main pillars supporting the company's strategic goals:

  • Lifting product development, to expand the company’s portfolio of innovative safety solutions.
  • Enhancing growth, by tapping into new global markets and applications.
  • Accelerating digitisation, to leverage the growing power of digital technology.
  • Driving agility, to stay at the leading edge of innovation.  


Sports activities Culinary Delights

Although ELOKON team meetings have a rigorous agenda, they are definitely not “all work and no play.”

To cap off the 2019 team meeting in Germany, a human-scale Foosball table was set up in a field, and eight employee groups were formed to play a tournament. After several exciting, action-packed rounds, the winning team celebrated its victory (with everyone else joining in, too).

For the team meeting in Poland, ELOKON employees decided on a culinary workshop. Cooking together was a lot of fun for the whole team, and the evening was rounded off with celebratory a meal together.

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