LEAD with Safety – ELOKON’s Strategy

LEAD with Safety
The ELOKON strategy

ELOKON is implementing a clear long term strategy - LEAD with Safety - the purpose of which is to become the leading international OEM-independent supplier of safety and assistance systems to the materials handling industry.

The four strategic LEAD cornerstones of our strategy are:

  • Lifting product development
    Expand our product range

  • Enhancing growth
    Actively drive growth

  • Accelerating digitisation
    Focus on digital solutions

  • Driving agility
    Commitment to agility

Lifting product development

To become the leading OEM-independent supplier we are committed to consistent in-house development of innovative products and solutions for industrial vehicles such as forklift trucks and AGVs as well as robotic systems, with a focus on our core business, namely intralogistics. When creating new safety and assistance systems we look outside our industry to constantly evaluate and incorporate developments and ideas from other sectors, particularly the emerging trends from digitisation and autonomous driving. We pride ourselves on proactive management of our product portfolio and are investing to extend our R&D expertise. For this we also work alongside carefully chosen Electronic Manufacturing Services partners who are specialists in their fields. This will enable us to further improve our current products and expand our product range.

Enhancing growth

We are systematically targeting our growing markets which, as well as Germany and Eastern Europe, we have identified as being Great Britain and the USA. We have a strong team of highly skilled Key Account Managers in place, all of whom benefit from extensive international experience. They can offer solution based advice, clear explanation of the wide ranging advantages of our products, systems and support packages, providing a comprehensive service from one single source. We are hiring ELOKON staff in our defined growing regions to ensure that a high level of swift and professional service is on hand locally. This will enable us to actively drive growtheven further.

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Accelerating digitisation

Digitisation gives us the opportunity to offer our clients an integrated customer experience across all digital and analogue channels. Our product development is therefore firmly focussed on digital solutions comprising hardware, software, sensor technology and wireless technology. We are also making greater use of digital technology and media in our marketing activities. And we are investing in the continued digitisation of our own business practices in order to open up new market potential and to make internal processes quicker and more efficient. Accelerating digitisation is a priority within ELOKON and for our products.

Driving agility

ELOKON’s declared objective is fast paced and flexible reaction to the demands of a dynamic market as well as to the rapidly evolving requirements of our customers and we are constantly upping our response times. This also involves ever more connectivity and internal networking amongst all ELOKON employees. Furthermore we set great store on working in small groups, each with a high level of individual autonomy, and on becoming even more customer centric in our outlook. We regard our bases in Tornesch (close to Hamburg, Germany) and Warsaw (Poland) as service platforms as well as seats of learning.

In order to fulfil our priority to drive agility we are actively investing in strategic personnel management, in the ongoing professional development and interconnectivity of our staff, and we are constantly on the lookout for new talented colleagues – young or old – who take great pride and enjoyment in working  for ELOKON.  We are comitted to agile processes across our organisation.

LEAD with Safety embodies our commitment and strategy to lead the intralogistic sector with new products, international markets, digitisation and agile processes.