ELOcate brings more transparency to intralogistics

ELOcate brings more transparency to intralogistics
Real-time location of vehicles, mobile objects and people

ELOcate is a radio based Real-Time-Location-System (RTLS), which can track and locate all movements within the warehouse.

Should any irregularities or risky scenarios occur, ELOcate automatically triggers notification of these. Users can monitor all movements in real time via a web application. This allows warehouse route planning to be optimised, work processes to be made safer and accidents to be prevented.

More control in vulnerable areas

ELOcate has a geofencing function for safeguarding areas such as junctions where visibility is limited. If a truck drives over a predefined boundary, the system can automatically limit its speed and warn people and vehicles in the vicinity. ELOcate also triggers a notification in the event of unauthorised entry into access-restricted zones.

The benefits of ELOcate: are obvious:

  • Precise real-time location of vehicles, objects and people
  • Less interaction between people and vehicles
  • Automatic notification of relevant incidents via web application
  • Safer mobility around the warehouse
  • High levels of productivity thanks to optimised routes and processes
  • Reduced costs and faster ROI
  • OEM independent and suitable for forklifts, AGVs and AMRs

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How ELOcate works

To implement ELOcate, radio anchors are installed at various locations points throughout the entire warehouse. This enables the creation of a comprehensive network in which the signals from the modules can be received.

On the basis of these signals, ELOcate can determine the location and whereabouts of people and vehicles and assign them their identities. This occurs in real time and is highly precise.

Special software visualises the procedures in the warehouse and provides transparent access to them via a web application, including on mobile devices.
In this way, all procedures, any specific incidents and warning notifications remain visible. Users benefit from increased productivity whilst at the same time ensuring better occupational safety in the warehouse.

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