ELOspeed: your driver-assistance safety system automatic speed reduction of vehicles to prevent accidents

In production and warehousing facilities, the transition from outdoor to indoor working areas poses a particular risk.

Forklift drivers are typically permitted to accelerate to maximum speed when outside, but are supposed to slow down when transitioning indoors for safety reasons. ELOspeed, a radar-based system developed jointly with our automotive industry customers, allows vehicles to operate at full speed outdoors, but automatically slows them down to a programmable speed limit as they come inside.

How it works

ELOspeed is an OEM independent product, which enables quick and easy implementation of speed reduction requirements. With its universal interfaces, ELOspeed can be integrated into any kind of vehicle. ELOspeed detects superstructures (i.e. roofs) across a range of up to 24 metres with its radar-based sensor system, and then automatically reduces the vehicle's speed to walking pace.

There are four settings for ELOspeed's reaction time and eight settings for its detection range. This means that even complex operational conditions can be catered for. The sensitivity of the controllable transmitter also ensures that small superstructures such as bridges, tree canopies and pipelines will not trigger any unnecessary reduction in the forklift's speed.

ELOspeed at a glance

The ELOspeed solution has many advantages compared to radio or infrared-based systems:

  • Extremely easy to install: installation on the roof of the vehicle is recommended for best possible transmission of the signal, which is reflected by the roof of the building.
  • Extremely easy to parametrise: settings are made using the DIP switch on the device itself and can be carried out by your service engineers.
  • Weather-resistant: thanks to its radar technology, ELOspeed also works very reliably in extreme weather situations such as torrential rain, extreme heat and extreme cold.
  • Cost-effective solution: apart from the ELOspeed system itself, no other investment is required for hardware, for installation of antennae or radio chips in racks, gate entrances and/or the floor.
  • Outstanding reliability thanks to flexible reaction times, adjustable detection ranges and controllable sensor sensitivity.

ELOspeed is suitable for both purchased and rented vehicles. It can be pre-installed in the manufacturing plant or retrofitted at yous own site during operation.

ELOspeed is available in three different variants in order to accommodate all of the international telecommunication directives.

The benefits of ELOspeed are obvious

The benefits of ELOspeed are obvious

Prevent accidents

Automatically reduce the speed of your MHE in high risk areas

Simple installation for all types of forklift trucks

Extreme reliability and weatherproof

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Technical Specifications

Control unit:

dimensions 75 (100) x 80 x 60 mm
weight 350 g
protection category IP 65
power supply 12 V oder 24 V
power consumption < 4,0 W
operating temperature -40˚ ... +70˚ C
relais output 1 NO, 30 V / 1 A


dimensions 74,1 x 100,2 x 46,1 mm
weight 200 g
protection category IP 67
max. detection range DDS-SR ≤ 15 m, DDS-LR ≤ 24 m
adjust. detection presets 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16,18, 20, 22 and 24 m
power consumption < 100 mA