ELOfleet - RFID-based, modular and flexible more safety when handling forklift trucks

ELOfleet is a wireless telematics system that provides RFID-based access control, vehicle fault recording, and data evaluation of vehicle/fleet performance. Electronic access control and vehicle management are the core elements of this solution. System-assigned drivers eliminate the possibility of unauthorised use, minimising the risk of improper handling.

It can be installed on forklift trucks of any type, brand, age, or drive system. It improves operational safety for forklift fleets whilst also enhancing the productivity of both vehicles and operators.

ELOfleet's modular hardware structure not only allows optimum adaptation to customer needs, it also offers optimum adaptation to information requirements with its modular software concept.

How it works

Fundamentally, ELOfleet allows the administration of an almost infinite number of vehicles and drivers. This includes setting variable and individual parameters, which enable simple, transparent and clear allocation of vehicles and drivers and usage rights. System-assigned drivers eliminate the possibility of unauthorised use, minimising the risk of improper handling.

Optimum utilisation and cost reduction are essential factors of today's fleet management systems and this is what you get with ELOfleet. Its automatic switch-off feature when the forklift is not in use, or when operating conditions could cause damage, enables more effective use of your fleet and lowers your costs. Shock sensors, load sensors and additional connectivity options ensure comprehensive protection of vehicles. The related data transfer module uses a hardwired data interface and wireless options (e.g. ZigBee, which is the current industry standard for radio networks, mobile network or WLAN).

The benefits of ELOspeed are obvious

The benefits of ELOfleet

Reducing damage caused by force

Reducing repair costs for your fleet vehicles

Improving the productivity of mixed fleets by means of uniform evaluations

Modular system design for more efficiency

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Technical Specifications

Power supply 12 - 48 V ± 20%
Protection type IP 65
Temperature range -20° to 60°
Memory size 95.000 events
Number of drivers 500 per vehicle
Number of vehicles 10.000 (approximate value)
Inputs 3 digital inputs
Outputs 1 relay output
1 digital output
I/O Module (optional) 8 digital inputs
8 analogue inputs
4 digital outputs
Basic module dimensions 90 x 106 x 37 mm
Basic module weight 400 g
Professional module dimensions 139 x 130 x 37 mm
Professional module weight 800 g
Control unit dimensions 174 x 80 x 58 mm
Control unit weight 750 g