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Why? Because the rate of fatal injuries in warehouses is higher than average across all U.S. industries. And OSHA’s #1 safety concern is the unsafe use of forklifts. So we’ve compiled a detailed, wide-ranging checklist for warehouse safety, per OSHA guidelines. From hazard assessment to employee training.

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ELOKON provides systematic safety. For warehouses and plants.

ELOshield: forklift driver-assistance technology helps avoid collisions

Keeping workers safe around industrial trucks is a challenge. ELOshield is an innovative accident avoidance system for forklifts — and a 2018 Innovation Award winner and “Product of the Year.”

Using UWB technology, ELOshield automatically detects when a person (or another vehicle) enters “warning” and “protection” zones around lift trucks. Then it automatically alerts both the driver and pedestrians with visual, audible, and vibration signals.

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ELOprotect: automated safety system for VNA lift trucks

Very narrow aisles (VNA) are especially dangerous for people and equipment, since there is literally no room for error. ELOprotect is a fully automatic anti-collision system that improves VNA safety — and boosts material handling productivity.

Using advanced laser technology, this award-winning system ensures that VNA lift trucks can avoid accidents with mobile personnel, objects, and other vehicles.

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Schmalgangstapler im Lager

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Driver-assistance system with wireless proximity-detection technology to avoid forklift accidents.

Fully automatic system with laser technology to prevent lift truck accidents in very narrow aisles.


Expert Safety Consultants

There is a direct link between safety and performance in warehousing and distribution. If safety levels improve, so does productivity and throughput.  

Every situation is different, and each customer’s operation is unique. So ELOKON offers a detailed risk assessment of your site, to help you identify opportunities to improve safety — and efficiency. Our expert safety consultants have deep experience to provide fresh insight into your warehouse safety practices. And give you concrete recommendations on how to reduce risks.

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The results

  • Eliminate forklift-pedestrian accidents

  • Avoid collisions between industrial trucks

  • Reduce material handling down time

  • Keep more of your vehicles in productive operation

  • Make your workers safer, happier, more productive

  • Improve safety awareness in your warehouse

Forklift safety solutions quality-engineered in Germany.

Trusted for over 30 years by more than 3,000 customers.

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