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Federal-Mogul is a global supplier of high-quality parts and systems for the automotive, power generation, aerospace, marine, rail and industrial manufacturing markets. The company prides itself on strict safety standards to protect its workers. Federal-Mogul’s distribution center in Belgium wanted to minimize the risk of forklift accidents by adding an automatic layer of protection.

Accordingly, the company deployed our ELOprotect PSS laser-based forklift-pedestrian safety system on turret trucks and high-level order pickers. ELOKON worked closely with the lift truck OEM, Crown Equipment, to configure the system for both very narrow aisle (VNA) and free-roaming lift trucks. And ELOKON technicians retrofitted the systems on existing equipment at the customer’s site.

The Project at a glance

Legal requirement

to install VNA safety systems in some countries


forklift fleet

Optimal pedestrian protection

in very narrow aisles


of forklift providers

The Background
Personnel protection system for more safety in the warehouse

The small footprint and high bay storage of VNA warehouses makes optimal use of space. But the tight spaces also mean a slim margin of safety. Especially for pedestrians traveling in or across the narrow aisles. With lift trucks operating within a foot or two of the racking, there just isn’t enough room to maneuver safely.

Federal-Mogul’s DC in Belgium is a high-density VNA environment, with fast-paced lift truck traffic up and down the aisles. And forklifts also move pallets from VNA storage to a shipping dock at the other end of the building. So Federal-Mogul needed these forklifts to move safely at optimal speeds, for the most efficient material handling.

The Solution
Pedestrian safety system for VNA trucks

To protect VNA personnel—both pedestrians and forklift drivers—an automated personal protection system, like ELOprotect PSS, fits the bill. Many countries legally require this type of automated system, to reduce the risk of accidents caused by human error.

As soon as a lift truck enters a very narrow aisle, ELOprotect PSS activates automatically. When the lift truck moves, the system monitors the hazardous area ahead, in the direction of travel. When the truck is stationary, the system monitors both directions, so a pedestrian cannot approach unnoticed. If a pedestrian is detected, ELOprotect PSS first automatically slows the truck down. Then, if the person gets too close, the system brings the lift truck to a complete stop.

Customized implementation

To meet all of Federal-Mogul’s requirements, we tailored the functions ELOprotect PSS with modules.

The KR Module automatically activates “creep” speed (1.5 mph) when the forks or cab are at ground level, or when the system’s laser scanners are blocked on the load side. And the “Comfort” Activation/Deactivation (CAD) Module automatically controls end-of-aisle scanning, to avoid false alarms and maximize productivity. This function scans the entire remaining 7m aisle before switching off the protective fields, ensuring that no pedestrian was present there.

System flexibility - for maximum warehouse safety

We also added an extra function to ELOprotect PSS for Crown Equipment, the lift truck OEM. Our End-of-Aisle Control (EAC) Module works together with the CAD Module to slow trucks down and then stop them—automatically—at the end of an aisle.

The Challenge
Ideal solution for mixed fleets

Crown Equipment Corporation

The Federal-Mogul warehouse uses different lift truck models, including Crown TSP narrow-aisle trucks and SP order pickers. ELOprotect PSS installs seamlessly on all types—and brands—of material handling equipment. ELOKON also provides on-site training of post-installation service, to keep ELOprotect PSS running smoothly and effectively.

For Federal Mogul, it all adds up to the highest levels of protection for material handling workers—and, at the same time, maximum speed and productivity.

About Federal Mogul

Federal Mogul is particularly known as an automotive supplier. Several locations around the world make Federal Mogul a globally active company. In 2018, it was acquired by Tenneco.

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