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Our product highlights. An overview.

If you won’t be able to make it to one of the industry trade shows to get to know our about our new developments, then don’t worry! We have compiled all the important information on the innovative features of the Assistance system ELOshield and our Fleet management system ELOfleet for you here.

  • Two new product variants from ELOshield und ELOfleet: Sprint (entry level variant) and Smart (advanced version with bundled smartphone access)
  • ELOdms: new cloud-based document management for your warehouse vehicles
  • New service planning feature for ELOfleet
  • ELOshield AGV module for damage prevention

ELOshield Product Innovation

How does ELOshield work?

Our mobile driver assistance system offers comprehensive hazard prevention: from personal warning and collision avoidance to safeguarding danger zones and speed control. The active protective shield is ideally suited for use on free-roaming forklift trucks and when higher speeds are involved. ELOshield increases operational safety, improves productivity thanks to streamlined and efficient operations and therefore helps to reduce costs.

Our International Sales Director Andreas Folz explains more in this video.

More information on ELOshield

ELOshield Sprint: the entry level model.

If you would prefer to start on a modest level to get to know our products better, then our systems can be flexibly customised to meet your specific requirements. The new Sprint variant is quick and easy to install and can be upgraded to the ELOshield Smart system whenever you want. ELOshield Sprint is completely integrated into the ELOshield architecture and benefits from a small vehicle module which is particularly suited to smaller forklift trucks. This notifies the driver whether people are present in the warning or danger zone, and speed reduction is also possible.

ELOshield Smart: smartphone operation now possible

Enjoy all the benefits of the full package of our proximity warning system ELOshield, which can now be operated from a mobile device – in the same way as the smart version of our ELOfleet fleet management system.

What’s so clever about this is that you can access ELOshield and ELOfleet via the same app. This not only makes using both systems even easier and more intuitive, but also enables you to use new applications. With ELOshield Smart, the configuration of the warning and danger zones can be carried out easily via the smartphone.

Avoid damage with the ELOshield AGV module

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are small and can be easily and quickly overlooked in warehouse operations. To prevent accidents between AGVs,  AMRs and other industrial trucks, fitting them with our ELOshield AGV module offers a solution. In addition, the module also enables gates to be opened and has a detection range of up to 50 feet/15 meters.

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ELOfleet Product Innovations

What is ELOfleet?

It’s our cloud-based fleet management system for mixed fleets. ELOfleet enables access control, it records impacts and evaluates vehicle and fleet performance data. This system allows you to enhance forklift safety - easily and cost-effectively - whilst also improving vehicle fleet efficiency.

Learn more in this video.

More informations on ELOfleet

ELOfleet Sprint: our entry-level variant

If you don’t need a truck mounted display unit, then ELOfleet Sprint is ideal for you! Our cost-effective entry-level model features access control functions and impact recording and also includes the ELOfleet KPI platform. And you can upgrade to ELOfleet Smart for central access via a single app on your mobile device at any time.


ELOfleet with a new feature for operational planning

This cloud-based fleet management system can now predict when your next vehicle maintenance service is due. If this happens to coincide with very busy work schedules, you can plan accordingly to avoid downtimes during critical periods. This new feature is a perfect complement to ELOfleet’s comprehensive package

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ELOdms – straightforward document management for all of your assets.

ELOdms – document management in the cloud

Our latest product innovation ELOdms lets you bundle all your information regarding your mobile operating inventory - whether these are industrial trucks, cleaning machines, chargers and so on. The cloud-based software solution enables centralized and digital management of service and maintenance schedules, fleet documents, operating instructions as well as certificates and checklists,  and allows access from any of your locations worldwide. A further advantage is the ability to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - the cost calculation per truck over its life cycle. Particularly when it comes to forklifts, actual operating costs make up a high proportion of the total costs, and so with ELOdms you can be sure that your investments are made on the basis of an overall profitability calculation.

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