We’re live at the Tomorrow’s Warehouse event

We’re live at the Tomorrow’s Warehouse event
Get to know our products in person

We’re looking forward to finally being able to personally welcome our business contacts and visitors to our stand at the Tomorrow’s Warehouse event in Coventry on November 30th. Join us on the day at the CBS Arena to see how ELOKON’s safety and proximity detection systems for material handling can create a safer working environment to protect the workforce and infrastructure, whilst improving productivity for more profitable operations.

The mix of moving trucks and pedestrians in busy warehouses or production areas brings with it a number of risks, for pedestrians and equipment. ELOKON’s range of products is designed to minimize these by preventing accidents and collisions.

Our solutions include the proximity detection system ELOshield, an innovative, UWB-based system which enables the creation of individually configurable warning and protection zones to detect when a person enters the danger area surrounding a forklift.

The pedestrian safety system ELOprotect PSS makes sure that people working in very narrow aisles (VNA) are protected while working side by side with a VNA lift truck. The anti collision system ELOprotect ACS even allows multiple VNA trucks to work simultaneously in one aisle thanks to its self-actuating, laser-controlled scanner system and now comes with a longer detection range. Each truck is fitted with two lasers and an additional evaluation unit that constantly scans the immediate surroundings. This drives down the risks even further by intervening automatically to slow down the trucks or bring them to a standstill when a pre-defined minimum distance is breached.

Gavin Tull, ELOKON’s UK Sales Manager will be on hand to demonstrate our comprehensive safety portfolio and to explain how each product can be tailored to your requirements. If you can’t make the event, visit our website, or call Gavin for more detailed information.

Gavin Tull

Sales Manager UK

E-Mail: gavin.tull@elokon.com

Phone: +44 (0)121 392 2499


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