Supporting National Forklift Safety Day

Supporting National Forklift Safety Day
in the U.S. and U.K.

Now in its sixth year in the U.S., National Forklift Safety Day has raised awareness of the dangers of forklifts. Especially in places where people work -- or walk -- near lift trucks. This year, for the first time, the U.K. will also mark this day to promote forklift safety. The U.K initiative is spearheaded by the British Industrial Truck Association and backed by the U.K. Warehousing Association, the Fork Lift Truck Association, and the U.K. Government's Health and Safety Executive.


ELOKON supports the National Forklift Safety Day 2019

Here at ELOKON, we wholeheartedly support any campaign focused on safer industrial truck use and good driver training. Workplace accidents not only take a harsh toll on those who are injured, they also drag down productivity and negatively affect the economy. As a leader in mobile safety technology, we do our best to encourage safe lift truck operations with our range of automatic and driver-assistance safety systems. Not just on National Forklift Safety Day, but every day. To make warehouses safer.

Our top 3 solutions to improve warehouse safety

  • ELOprotect – fully automatic lift truck safety in very narrow aisles
  • ELOshield – driver-assistance technology to avoid forklift accidents
  • Safety Evaluation – expert individual consulting services

To support National Forklift Safety Day this year, we've compiled the Ultimate Warehouse Safety Checklist. We've broken this comprehensive safety aid into four sections: overall warehouse safety, hazardous materials safety, general material handling safety, and forklift-specific safety.

The first part of the Ultimate Warehouse Safety Checklist -- "Overall Warehouse Safety" -- is available for download now:

Download Part I of the "Ultimate Warehouse Safety Checklist"

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