Culina Logistics deploys ELOprotect VNA safety systems

Culina Logistics deploys ELOprotect VNA safety systems

Safety technology prevents collisions in narrow aisles

ELOKON has received a substantial contract from Linde Material Handling (UK) Ltd for its ELOprotect Vehicle-Pedestrian Safety Systems. These automatic collision-avoidance systems are specially designed for very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouses, where lift trucks and pedestrians work together with literally no room for error. ELOKON will retrofit the systems on an existing fleet of 19 Linde man-up turret trucks at a Great Bear consumer packaged goods (CPG) distribution center. Great Bear is a subsidiary of Culina Group, a leading provider of logistics services.

ELOprotect improves warehouse safety at Culina Logistics

“Linde has worked with Culina at this site for over ten years, with two generations of VNA lift trucks,” said Martin Jones, Linde’s head of VNA truck sales. “Our latest models are fitted with Linde’s Aisle Safety Assistant to protect buildings and infrastructure. With the addition of the ELOprotect solution, we can also detect potential collisions with pedestrians, objects and other trucks. ELOprotect is already working in several other UK sites, and Culina expects to roll out the system at more sites across their network.”

Culina Group provides food and beverage warehousing, distribution and transport services in both cold-storage and non-refrigerated environments. The company’s network of 50 distribution centers makes it the leading operation of its kind in the UK and Ireland.

“We were looking for a robust solution for enhanced safety within our VNA aisles irrespective of MHE provider. ELOKON fits the bill perfectly”

Andy Miszkiel MHE Manager Culina Group

Additional modules for more safety

ELOprotect is an automatic, self-actuating safety system designed to protect workers when industrial trucks operate in narrow aisles. Its core configuration consists of evaluation electronics, two laser scanners and a driver display/operating module. The system also has several options, including a truck-to-truck anti-collision module that will be installed at the Great Bear site. This module named "ANTIC" features an extended object-detection range, enabling multiple trucks to operate in the same narrow aisle— simultaneously—without the risk of collisions. This extended range also allows safe truck operation at high speeds, for maximum material handling productivity.

ELOKON sales manager Ingo Oelhausen said, “We are delighted to have Culina on board as a new customer, and we are very pleased that our system has once again been recognized as a high-caliber solution to meet the most exacting requirements for automated warehouse safety.”

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