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ELOKON hosts live webinar
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The ELOKON Group, a leading international supplier of safety and warning systems to the materials handling industry, is hosting an informative webinar “How to Increase Safety without Sacrificing Productivity in your Warehouse.”

Learn how ELOshield can dramatically increase safety and productivity in the warehouse - so sign up now for this great opportunity to get a free insight on risk-reduction from our experts!

Learn all about our innovative ultra-wideband proximity detection system for material handling equipment. ELOshield, which uses a location tracking technology also incorporated in state-of-the-art smartphones, helps prevent pedestrian, truck and intersection accidents in the warehouse. This webinar will be moderated by Alex B. Johns.


When: Wednesday, November 23, 2023, 1PM EST

Where: https://elokon.clickmeeting.com/eloshield/register



How does ELOshield work?

Explanation of ELOshields features

Implementation process at your warehouse

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Alex B. Johns

National Sales Director

E-Mail: alex.johns@elokon.com


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