ELOKON exhibits at MODEX in Atlanta

ELOKON increases safety and productivity in the warehouse
March, 9 - 12, 2020 | Booth 2929 | Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center

The global supply chain faces constant pressure to improve velocity and efficiency, reduce costs, and add to the bottom line. Accidents are a weak link in that chain — they hurt skilled employees, slow the flow of goods, lower productivity, and increase costs.

ELOKON develops and supplies safety and assistance systems for those working with or around all types of industrial trucks and material handling equipment (MHE), including lift trucks, AGVs, AMRs and cobots (collaborative robots) for the intralogistics sector. These systems reduce the risk of accidents in the warehouse involving pedestrians and trucks as well as truck on truck collisions for an overall safer work environment.

Incorporating the latest sensor technology used primarily in the automotive sector, ELOKON’s products include proximity warning systems and pedestrian detection systems in hazardous areas, mobile pedestrian protection devices for very narrow aisles (VNA) operation, fleet management systems, stationary warning devices and radar based systems for the automatic speed reduction of industrial vehicles such as forklifts.

Presentation of award winning security system ELOprotect

At MODEX 2020, ELOKON will be showcasing its innovative safety product ELOprotect – a fully automatic pedestrian detection and collision warning system for very narrow aisle (VNA) industrial trucks. Using intelligent laser-scanning technology and an extended detection range, the system protects warehouse staff from injury. With advanced vehicle-to-vehicle anti-collision technology, the latest add-on module allows two or more industrial trucks to safely operate in a VNA simultaneously. ELOprotect automatically activates when a truck enters the aisle and if a person, other forklifts or obstacles are detected it emits warnings and can bring the vehicle to a standstill. This enables increased efficiency due to faster forklift operations to keep up with busy schedules while adhering to strict safety guidelines. ELOprotect has won multiple international industry awards.

Individually configurable solutions

ELOKON’s solutions can be installed or retrofitted on industrial trucks of any type, brand, age or drive type and are suitable for mixed fleets.
Visit booth us at booth 2929 to find out how you can achieve better safety and productivity with ELOKON.

ELOKON Seminar at MODEX 2020


Wednesday March, 11 | 11:15-12:00 AM (EST) | Theatre B

"Overview of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems for Industrial Vehicles"


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