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Which new products are we showcasing?

Due to the current situation, when neither personal customer visits nor trade fairs are possible, this is the place to come to to find out about our products and new developments. Below you can get information from the ELOKON experts on our clever innovations, many of which pertain to our Assistance system ELOshield: new pedestrian modules, a smart safety vest and ELOshieldSPEED, an automatic system for reducing vehicle speeds across extensive areas.

If you have any questions, then of course our customer service is always here for you. So for the moment our message is: let’s meet digitally!

Why do I need ELOshield?

Our vehicle-pedestrian proximity detection system was specifically developed for accident prevention and is an acknowledged global solution. This active protective shield is ideally suited for use on free roaming forklifts which operate at relatively high speeds. ELOshield increases operational safety, improves productivity thanks to streamlined and efficient processes and therefore helps to reduce costs. Find out more in the video.

Designed with you in mind – our new pedestrian modules

Our ELOshield pedestrian modules now come in two versions: a larger module for 2-shift operation and a smaller 1-shift module that is easy and convenient to accommodate. The ELOshield system, which guarantees optimum protection of your workforce, can now be flexibly adapted according to your specific requirements, and the new modules can of course be combined with each other.

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Smart and robust – a safety vest with built-in intelligence

We have a new addition to ELOshield - our warning system to prevent collisions between pedestrian personnel and industrial vehicles. This is in the form of a clever new wearable; the smart safety vest. It incorporates all the functions of the personal module to protect your workforce when they are working in the vicinty of forklifts. As soon as an employee enters a vehicle’s danger zone they receive a visual, acoustic and haptic signal. The ISO-certified vest has a high-quality finish and is very comfortable to wear. We can safely say that this is a bright new development for the warehouse!

Keep large areas and halls safe with ELOshieldSPEED

But there’s even more to the modular and flexible ELOshield system! The new ELOshieldSPEED functionality enables entire halls or extensive areas to be secured – with no intervention from the driver required. When a vehicle enters the individually defined area its speed is automatically reduced, and when it leaves, its speed is automatically resumed.

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ELOKON‘s safety and assistance systems – an overview

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