Maximum Speed of Travel of VNA trucks

Important indicators

for mobile pedestrian alert systems

In a recent discussion with an OEM partner and a customer, ELOKON was asked about the maximum possible speed of travel of a VNA (very narrow aisle) truck, when the truck has a pedestrian alert system installed. Our product managers love these type of questions! They provided a detailed explanation of what is important to consider and evaluate when calculating the maximum possible speed of VNA trucks.

The braking distance of a forklift truck is the same as for cars: the faster you drive, the longer the braking distance becomes. In addition, other factors such as the friction between the warehouse floor and the drive wheel or the weight of the truck must be taken into account.
There is a constant parameter for the possible maximum speed: the "safe protective field" of the laser scanner to be used. This is a maximum of 7 m and is basically the same for all suppliers of personal protection systems.

Four key factors are important indicators

Breaking distance of the truck

The braking distance with or without load (this also takes into account the friction between the warehouse floor and the drive wheel).

Measuring tolerance of the scanner

The measurement tolerance of the scanner (manufacturer's specifications, minimum is usually 0.2 metres).

Reaction time of the truck

The naturally occurring response time of the forklift truck.

Fork length

The front length of the load-carrying side or drive side above the installation position of the scanner.

The breaking distance is essential
for the calculation of the maximum speed

In summary, a truck manufacturer and the supplier of the pedestrian alert and anti-collision system can only commit to a maximum speed of travel, once all factors above and measurements on site have been evaluated.

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