ELOspeed - Indoor/Outdoor Speed Control

ELOspeed radar-based driver-assistance system
Automatic speed reduction of vehicles to avoid collisions

At many industrial sites, forklifts moving between outdoor and indoor areas represent a high risk of accidents and injuries. Forklifts are usually allowed to drive at maximum speed outside, but are supposed to slow down when coming inside. ELOspeed, a system we developed jointly with major auto manufacturers, automatically controls forklift speed with radar. By detecting what’s above a forklift (ceiling or sky), the system lets vehicles run at full speed outdoors, but automatically slows them down as they come inside. And you can set your own speed limits.





How it works

ELOspeed has a universal, OEM-independent vehicle interface, so you can install it on any make/model of lift truck. The system’s radar detector has a range of up to 80 feet, to sense when a lift truck is under roof or outdoors. When ELOspeed detects a roof overhead, it automatically reduces the vehicle's speed to a walking pace. ELOspeed is also adjustable, with eight pre-programmed detection ranges and four different reaction times. That means the system will work effectively even in complex, multi-building work sites. And the system’s sensitivity ensures that momentary overhead obstructions, like bridges and tree branches, won’t trigger false readings.

The benefits of ELOspeed are clear

  • Automatically reduce forklift speed indoors to prevent accidents
  • Automatically enable normal forklift speed outdoors for productivity
  • Simple installation on all major lift truck makes and models
  • Weatherproof reliability for the harshest industrial conditions
  • Overall safer, more efficient material handling operations
  • Works on all types of industrial trucks and MHE, including lift trucks, AGVs and cobots.

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