ELOshield - Proximity Detection System for Pedestrians, Forklift Trucks and Hazardous Areas

ELOshield driver-assistance system for forklift safety
Proximity detection system reduces risk of forklift-pedestrian accidents

ELOshield is a lift truck driver-assistance system that automatically helps avoid collisions. It uses radio-based proximity detection to warn forklift drivers when pedestrians, objects or other vehicles are too close. The system warns pedestrians, too, with audible, visual and vibration alerts. Two safety zones—“Warning” and “Protection”—are uniquely customizable in size and shape.

The mobile version of ELOshield mounts on lift trucks. A stationary version can be installed at fixed points to monitor dangerous areas like high-traffic aisle intersections.

Optimized for mixed fleets

ELOshield is OEM-independent and can be installed on any type of industrial truck, so it is ideal for mixed fleets.

Award-winning solution

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Configurable warning / protection zones for maximum safety

ELOshield’s “Warning” and “Protection” zones can be flexibly programmed as circles, symmetrical rectangles, or (optionally) asymmetrical polygons. Detection range can extend up to 80 feet (25 meters).

Key advantages

With ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless sensors, ELOshield can detect pedestrians through obstacles, like pallets and racking, without false alarms. The system can also detect multiple pedestrians at the same time. And each detection zone can trigger a different system reaction—for example, sounding an audible alarm or automatically reducing vehicle speed.

360-degree material handling applications

ELOshield works on AGVs (automated guided vehicles), robots and cobots (collaborative robots), as well as with forklifts and other industrial vehicles.

The benefits of ELOshield are clear

  • Safer, more efficient material handling
  • Automatic detection of pedestrians near lift trucks
  • Flexible detection zones, customizable for your site
  • Range of up to 80 feet for for maximum protection
  • Protection for up to 500 employees
  • Compatible with all major forklift makes / models

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How it works

UWB proximity detection system

ELOshield uses ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless technology to prevent collisions between vehicles and people. Active RFID tags warn pedestrians with audible, visible and vibration alarms. Vehicle-mounted devices monitor “Warning” and “Protection” zones up to 80 feet around moving lift trucks. And a fixed-site version of the system monitors accident-prone areas, such as high-traffic aisle intersections.

NOTE: The 3D animation presented here reflects a general, conceptual view of how ELOshield works. It does not necessarily depict how the system will operate in a specific environment. It is not a guarantee or warranty of operability. Since conditions differ from site to site, customers should work closely with us to review facility-specific requirements and define expectations for the system. Also, ELOshield is an assistance system, not fully automated; it can only support drivers and pedestrians within specified system limits. The ultimate responsibility to remain alert and operate safely always rests with vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

ELOshield at a glance


Personnel Detection

Vehicle to Pedestrian

ELOshieldGO - Truck to Person


Collision Warning

Vehicle to Vehicle

ELOshieldDRIVE - Truck to Truck


Proximity Detection


ELOshieldZONE - Zoning detection

ELOshield is an extra layer of protection in material handling that was ideal for our specific requirements, including making work safer for a deaf employee.

Christian Penciulescu, Managing Director P+P Schuhvertriebs GmbH / Germany

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Product Brochure

ELOshield Flyer (pdf)

Technical Specifications

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