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Our award-winning anti-collision system for safer forklifts

Using UWB technology for vehicle-pedestrian proximity detection, this driver-assistance system helps prevent forklift-pedestrian accidents.

If a pedestrian and a forklift driver get too close to each other, the system gives them multiple warnings. By sight (lights), sound (acoustic alarm) and feel (vibration alarm).  

ELOshield has two flexible zones (“warning” and “protection”), which can trigger different system reactions—like slowing the forklift down automatically. ELOshield significantly improves safety for pedestrians, lift trucks, and hazardous zones. ELOshield works on robots, cobots (collaborative robots) and AGVs (automated guided vehicles), as well as forklifts and other industrial vehicles.

The system has won four major international awards, including the Material Handling Institute’s 2018 Innovation Award and Plant Engineering’s 2018 Product of the Year.

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