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ELOKON develops, sells and implements high-tech safety solutions for material handling, with a special focus on industrial truck safety. We value our team members, offering flexible work arrangements and family-friendly initiatives. We will support you in reaching your full personal and professional potential.   

ELOKON as an employer

We see our relationship with our employees as a long term partnership, one where mutual trust and sustainability is written large. A top priority is team work, where members support each other and cooperate to achieve common goals. Key to this are open lines of communication and flat hierarchies.

ELOKON benefits - We’ll succeed together. For sure.

  • Flexible, family-friendly work hours
  • Passionate, motivated colleagues
  • Prestigious multi-national customers
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Independent small-team structure
  • Flat decision-making hierarchy
  • Company pension and other benefits
  • Team-building events


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Employee profiles

No matter what your role, chances are your work day at ELOKON will be varied and interesting. For insight into life at ELOKON, see what our employees have to say…

How I came to ELOKON

Over the years I have held various positions in technical sales. This has given me a good insight and appreciation of the importance of solution-oriented customer support and ongoing consultation.

My previous role was as a project engineer in the intralogistic sector, specializing in automation and digitization for a forklift truck dealership. This is where I had my first interaction with ELOKON through a number of joint projects. Due to these very positive experiences, the possibility of being more intensively involved in the field of assistance systems and looking after a nationwide network of customers meant that I was very happy to take up the opportunity to work for ELOKON.

My responsibilities

As Key Account Manager for the assistance system ELOshield I look after a wide range of customers from pretty much all industry sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As well as the contact with end customers I have regular dealings with forklift suppliers and dealerships. My aim? To enable customers to enhance safety with solution-based advice which is tailored to their own specific application.

What I like most about working at ELOKON

Since we work with very differing types of customers and requirements, no day is ever the same and even small challenges are very motivating. I particularly enjoy the team solidarity, whether it‘s in the sales department or at ELOKON in general. I appreciate the short decision-making paths and the trust that is placed in me. There are clear goals, but it is up to us to choose how to achieve these. As well as the day-to-day business, we also can be involved in strategic decisions and implement our own ideas.

My personal highlights

The warm welcome into the team. Everyone had a smile and a motivational greeting for me. And if I ever have questions or requests, these are met with answers and support.

How I came to ELOKON

It all started after school with my training as a motor vehicle mechatronics engineer. After I finished the training, I moved to the forklift industry. I was particularly interested in the technical diversity of forklift trucks. The interplay between electrics, mechanics and hydraulics is of great interest to me.

Just over two years later, I moved to a company that specializes in industrial combustion plants. However, it was clear to me after finishing school that I wanted to return to the forklift industry. Why? The industry offers a wide range of possibilities: I am attracted to new technologies and working in a segment that is always on the cutting edge.

I came to ELOKON through a good friend of mine who is in contact with the company. I learned from him that the technicians at ELOKON are always in a good mood and experts in their field. After some research, I sent my application to ELOKON and was invited for an interview.

My responsibilities

My job change to technical project manager brings many new tasks and challenges. This includes both customer visits for sales and the subsequent development of projects on the basis of customer requirements. It is always exciting to manage a balancing act between a sales meeting in a suit with the board of a large company and a service assignment for problem solving in work gear at a customer site. Structures and processes that enable smooth day-to-day business must also be introduced at a new office location such as the one here in Atlanta. This brings a lot of new tasks, where the team and I grow together every day and work even more closely together.

What I like most about working at ELOKON

I particularly like the way we support our customers and the ever- changing day-to-day work. It's great to be a part of the USA team because it allows me to work closely with all departments and gives me a completely new perspective on a lot of things.

My personal highlights

Of course the biggest highlight was my move to Atlanta and the associated launch of ELOKON Inc. in America. This is not only a big challenge for me personally, but also for the whole company. I said "goodbye" to many colleagues in Germany, but realize every time I visit Germany that I am still an integral part of the ELOKON headquarter team.

How I came to ELOKON

After graduating, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I took some courses in public policy administration, but I quickly realized that wasn’t for me. I discovered that ELOKON offered a range of vocational training, which I thought would let me explore several possible careers. I ended up finding procurement very interesting. It requires research and quantitative analysis, but also involves building many different relationships.


My responsibilities

As a procurement manager dedicated to our customer support team, I support our installations, service contracts and maintenance activities. I also manage the appointments of all our sales representatives, including organizing international travel.

What I like most about working at ELOKON

I get new challenges every day, especially in scheduling. Meetings change, weather impacts travel plans, customers make new requests—these are just a few of the things that keep me on my toes. But that's what I love about my job: no day is ever the same. And I often have to think creatively to come up with the best solution to a problem—quickly—to provide the best possible support for our customers.

My personal highlights

Right from the start I was impressed with the confidence ELOKON has in its employees. I started work at a somewhat unusual time of year, based on when I graduated from school. But thanks to great mentoring, I was able to complete my job training in just a few months. So I was quickly able to start making real contributions to the team.

My way to ELOKON

Even as a child I had contact with the trade, as I come from a family of carpenters. Later I studied mechatronics in Hamburg-Harburg. An internship at a forklift company showed me the job profile of a developer, which interested me a lot. My supervisor there eventually switched to ELOKON and contacted to me to see if I was also interested in this company. This paved my way as a development engineer.

My area

In addition to the laser-assisted personal protection systems, I am also working on assistance systems such as ELOshield. With a multi-layered team of engineers and technicians, I am part of the development, where I supervise new projects, among other things. I am particularly active in the field of wearables in intralogistics and work with my coworkers on exciting innovations.

What I particularly like about working at ELOKON

Variety is one of the things that excites me the most. In my work, I can use the different areas of mechatronics excellently, as there are both electronic and software solutions to develop. And also the design of 3D-CAD models for the development of products and prototypes is part of my area. All these activities make my job very varied and never boring. In addition, I like that people interact with each other extremely well within the company. Everyone knows everyone here, which leads to a strong cohesion and teamwork. I really appreciate that at ELOKON.

My personal highlight at ELOKON

My first project at ELOKON was the development of a prototype for a trade fair. One of our products needed to be converted to a wearable. With the project, I was given a great responsibility directly, but at the same time I also had a lot of freedom in the development. Together with my colleagues, we were able to test a wide variety of technologies and evaluate possible integration, which I enjoyed and it greatly improved our knowledge.

Besides the work, ELOKON also provides highlights outside of the work environment. We have team meetings every six months with all the employees of the company with various activities that are always a lot of fun and help bring coworkers closer in a casual environment.


How I came to ELOKON

Before I decided to study industrial engineering, I had already completed an apprenticeship in logistics, during which I was able to gain practical experience with forklift trucks. After finishing my studies and some experience in various industry sectors, I came across ELOKON on the internet. I had a good look at the company and its products and was really impressed with them, so when I found out that ELOKON was looking for a quality management representative, then one thing led to another.

My responsibilities

As the first QMR in the company it’s my job to take a close and critical look at the current processes to see if there is potential for improvement. This enables the cost-effective management of existing resources and the systematic investment in future developments. My aim is to establish a quality management system in the company which can be continuously optimized, and which permeates through to each employee. My work is always interesting - interdepartmental cooperation brings new challenges which bonds the team together even further.

What I like most about working at ELOKON

What I like most is the varied nature of the tasks I have to do, which brings me into contact with all the different departments and ensures that it never becomes boring. Constant new challenges allow me to advance in my role and offer me fascinating insights. I enjoy taking responsibility for my work and projects and in return the management places a lot of trust in me.

My personal highlights

A highlight for me is that in such a rapidly expanding medium-sized company such as ELOKON there is a real family feel to working here. Employees are encouraged and supported based on their strengths so that they can maximize them. The cooperation between the so called “old hands” and the “newbies” is very special too.

How I came to ELOKON

To do something worthwhile in my working life was a goal that became more and more apparent to me whilst I was studying automotive engineering. I didn’t want a job purely to earn money, but also to be proud of what I was doing. So after I had completed my bachelor‘s degree I went to the Philippines to help children living the slums there. My first job was with a manufacturer of wind energy and I subsequently worked for a company in the field of passive safety in the automotive sector. So you could say that since then my job has been to save lives, as the aim of passive safety is to minimize as far as possible any personal injuries in crash scenarios. ELOKON takes this one step further by trying to prevent injuries of any kind.

I am therefore proud to have worked at ELOKON since the beginning of 2020 and to be contributing to the ongoing enhancement of intralogistic safety.

My responsibilities

As a project manager I plan and coordinate product modifications and enhancements as well as new developments. I also support process optimization and am currently working on a pilot project to expand our product range. In addition, I am looking at suitable tools which will enable us to simplify our processes, which will lead to heightened efficiency and quality.

What I like most about working at ELOKON

I love the fact that we work as a team and that we are all committed to going forward together. Everyone at ELOKON has the chance to be creative and to contribute new ideas. The working atmosphere is positive with a high level of mutual respect.

My personal highlights

The trust that ELOKON has in me and the fact that the company values each employee as an individual and not just a number. If you have the right qualifications then you’ll be a good fit at ELOKON, where your own personal development is also considered to be very important.

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ELOKON’s employees are vital to our success. This year’s winter meeting was once again a great success.


ELOKON at the winter meeting 2019

Interview with an engineer

Variety and joy

Jacob Engels was interviewed about his job description as a development engineer and gives an insight into his daily work at ELOKON.


Jacob Engels work as an engineer

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