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Companies are increasingly looking for new ways to combat, decrease, and otherwise negate high industrial noise. One popular new method of combatting high industrial noise is electric forklifts.

Discover the importance of access control in industrial environments and how a robust forklift management system like ELOfleet can enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Here, we’ll discuss the best forklift safety and fleet management options available, including forklift impact sensors, the benefits of smart forklifts, and how to implement forklift fleet management software.

To keep employees in your warehouse safe, it’s essential to be aware of the top safety concerns in an industrial warehouse.

What are the best safety investments to protect warehouse employees from accidents, collisions, and workplace injuries?

It’s tempting to think that your operation is so safe, and your forklift drivers are so well trained, that a forklift injury would never occur in your facility. But all heavy machinery carries dangers.

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Forklift fleet management systems are essential to warehouse success, helping streamline logistics, boosting productivity, and cutting costs by providing real-time data.

Forklifts are heavy pieces of equipment that pose a danger to pedestrians, which necessitates the need for forklift pedestrian safety. Operators must be mindful of this and other potential dangers and know who has the right of way in warehouses. In addition, they should slow down and sound horns when approaching intersections, blind corners, or aisleways.

Forklift accidents are common workplace hazards and can injure and destroy your company's products. Forklift safety systems are an effective way to reduce accidents in your warehouse and protect employees' lives. Forklifts are the most visible part of a warehouse but can cause severe hazards if improperly maintained or used.